Parkland Union Station

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Parkland Union Station is a train station and intercity bus terminal located in the Union district of Parkland.


Parkland Union Station
Owned bySequoia Department of Transportation
Platforms12 (all island)
Train operatorsWarp rail services, SEVR
ConnectionsLight rail:
Parkland Area Express  1 Line   2 Line  (transfer at Union)
Transit bus services:
CTMetro Route 188
Structure typeUnderground
ParkingPaid parking nearby
Disabled accessYes
OpenedMarch 11, 2022; 2 years ago (2022-03-11)

Parkland Union Station is owned by the Sequoia Department of Transportation and is a major hub for JiffyRail services in the eastern part of the New World. The station was built off-server and completed in December 2021, with its opening on March 11, 2022. On December 1, 2022, the Sequoia Department of Transportation announced an expansion of the existing station, which would add a new western concourse with 16 tracks. The Pearl Thompson Concourse (tracks 9-24), named by worrski, opened on December 4, 2022.

The station consists of a total of 24 tracks, with hub operator JiffyRail occupying eight tracks.


Tracks 5-12 is exclusively reserved for JiffyRail, while the remaining tracks are occupied by other operators.

Track Company Service Destination Status
Central Concourse (Tracks 1-8)
1 Iwakanai Express Tokata 1 Midbay Closed
2 Iwakanai Express Closed
3 GEPX Closed
4 Closed
5 JiffyRail Closed
6 JiffyRail Algonquin Avondale North Good service
7 JiffyRail Calgary Hopper Calgary Central Good service
8 JiffyRail Zeta Limited Dogwood Madison Beach
Pearl Thompson Concourse (Tracks 9-24)
9 JiffyRail Closed
10 JiffyRail Closed
11 JiffyRail Closed
12 JiffyRail Closed
13 BluRail Closed
14 BluRail Closed
15 Luna Closed
16 Luna Closed
17 Southeastern Rail Closed
18 IntraRail Closed
19 PurpleTrain Closed
20 IntraRail Closed
21 IntraRail Closed
22 PurpleTrain Closed
23 IntraRail Closed
24 AC Rail Closed

Additional services not mentioned on this table are the MRT Plains Line, SEVR and Capitol Transit, which serve the station via their own tracks.


The Union Station Bus Terminal is a three-floor intercity bus terminal that serves Parkland and is located above the train station. The terminal was built off-server like the train station and was completed in May 2022. Gate requests opened the following month and the terminal opened for service on July 1, 2022. The bus terminal was rebuilt in November 2023 as part of Parkland's Capital 2024 plans, increasing the number of bus bays from 30 to 45 and resulting in the terminal being relocated underground to accommodate the UNode transit-oriented development.

The bus terminal consists of a total of 45 bus bays spread across six zones labelled A to F. Major bus companies that operate out of the terminal include JiffyBus and MylesBuses.


Bay Company Route Destination Status
Basement 1 (Bays A, B)
A1 JiffyBus 001 No service
A2 JiffyBus 201 Caravaca Boarding
A3 JiffyBus 202 Hamblin Boarding
A4 JiffyBus 203 Werribee Boarding
A5 Southeastern Coaches EC002 Watford Boarding
A6 ArcticLiner No service
A7 ArcticLiner No service
B1 JiffyBus 204 New Chandigarh Boarding
B2 JiffyBus 205 Kwai Tin Boarding
B3 JiffyBus 206 Calvania Boarding
B4 JiffyBus 207 Memphis Boarding
B5 JiffyBus 208 Blackfriars Boarding
B6 JiffyBus 209 Newington Boarding
B7 JiffyBus 210 Rainer Bay No service
B8 JiffyBus No service
Basement 2 (Bays C, D)
C1 MylesBuses 040 Line
Ellerton Fosby
C2 MylesBuses 401 Line
Prism Service
C3 MylesBuses 402 Line
Green Groves
Beningbury No service
C4 MylesBuses No service
C5 Kirdéliner (33) Caravaca Boarding
C6 Kirdéliner (33) Hendon Boarding
C7 Zeta Bus E2
Ran Line
No service
D1 DLink Buses Route 4 Miu Wan
D2 BusNet No service
D3 Seabeast Buses 066 Hamblin Boarding
D4 ChickenFeeder No service
D5 ChickenFeeder No service
D6 Caravacan Caravan Company Caravaca Boarding
D7 Dachshund Bus Lines 102 Marblegate
D8 SBS Transit No service
Basement 3 (Bays E, F)
E1 GEP Bus No service
E2 GEP Bus No service
E5 EcoBus No service
E6 EcoBus No service
E7 Zeta Bus E4
Moca Line
No service