MRT Golf Association

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MRT Golf Association
Founders SkyjumperTalon
President London150
Admins autobus22
Helpers godzilltrain
Additional Information
Seasons 2
Tournaments 10, 2 planned, 1 proposed


The MRT Golf Association is the first organization with the mission of providing an experience similar to the PGA Tour FedEx Cup.
The folder for the MRT Golf Association can be found here


The rules are the same as the Forest Mini-Golf rules with some exceptions.

If you intend to put your score on the wiki, please ensure that you follow the following rules for Mini-Golf: 1. Each hole should be started from the dark green carpet at the beginning of the hole. If you look directly downwards, you should see dark green carpet on your cursor (You don't have to be in the middle!) 2. After the first shot, all shots should be taken from where the ball lands on the previous throw. 3. If, after stopping moving, the ball is not on a carpet (i.e in the grass or on the wooden sides), it is a foul shot. The shot still counts towards your score, however, you must take your next shot from the same location as the one beforehand. 4. You can throw your ball however you want, including over bridges or to take shortcuts. If the ball doesn't land back on the carpet though, it'll count as a foul (see rule #3)
If your shot lands in the water (applicable to almost all non Forest-Mini Golf courses), you must take a penalty stroke, and play your shot after that from where the ball entered the water. So, if your tee shot lands in the water, you must play your third shot from where the ball entered the water.

List of Courses

Below is a table with the list of all official MGA recognized courses. These are the only courses that official tournaments (and other competitions giving out points, such as 1v1s) may be played on. This program officially started on May 7, 2018. Bolded courses have hosted an MGA or MGA Sponsored/Co-Hosted Tournament

The location of all MGA courses. Click to view in a larger image
# Course Name Course City Course Architect/Builder Mayor of Town Officially Recognized
1 Venceslo Gardens Venceslo time2makemymove time2makemymove May 7, 2018
2 Eagleshore Spiral Eagleshore SkyjumperTalon SkyjumperTalon May 7, 2018
3 Forest Mini-Golf Segville godzilltrain godzilltrain May 7, 2018
4 Forest Mini-Golf Covina godzilltrain _Kastle May 7, 2018
5 Forest Mini-Golf Kenthurst godzilltrain Aliksong May 7, 2018
6 Forest Mini-Golf Ravenna godzilltrain jphgolf4321 May 7, 2018
7 Forest Mini-Golf Ilirea godzilltrain Cynra_ May 7, 2018
8 Forest Mini-Golf Castlecombe godzilltrain CaptainChimpy May 7, 2018
9 Forest Mini-Golf Los Angeles godzilltrain _Kastle May 7, 2018
10 Forest Mini-Golf Waterville godzilltrain Skelezomperman May 7, 2018
11 Forest Mini-Golf Marblegate godzilltrain Just_Robinho May 7, 2018
12 Forest Mini-Golf Zaquar godzilltrain KittyCat11231 May 7, 2018
13 Forest Mini-Golf Heampstead godzilltrain MikeRoma May 7, 2018
14 Forest Mini-Golf Utopia godzilltrain Narnia17 May 7, 2018
15 Forest Mini-Golf Konawa godzilltrain Soleurs May 7, 2018
16 Forest Mini-Golf Whiteley godzilltrain AP_Red May 7, 2018
17 Forest Mini-Golf Falloway godzilltrain thomasfyfe May 7, 2018
18 Forest Mini-Golf Elecna Bay godzilltrain mine_man_ May 7, 2018
19 Hendon Park Hendon London150 London150 May 19, 2018
20 Forest Mini-Golf Wythern godzilltrain Baseball02 June 5, 2018
21 Deadbush Flats Deadbush SkyjumperTalon MojangChan July 3, 2018
22 Waterville Country Club Waterville PtldKnight Skelezomperman July 16, 2018
23 AutoDesignZ MiniGolf Bexley autobus22 autobus22 September 5, 2018
24 Forest Mini-Golf New Woodbury godzilltrain AlfiePops September 11, 2018
25 AutoDesignZ MiniGolf Murrville autobus22 Cortesi September 25, 2018
26 King Marble the Gate Golf Course Carnoustie SkyjumperTalon CaptainObi October 20, 2018
27 CarnoustObi Golf Course Carnoustie CaptainObi CaptainObi December 6, 2018

Planned/Under Construction

  • Planned Headquarters

Potential regional headquarters

Debut Tournament

At the February 2018 GSM, staff members were hesitant to give the MGA the requested funding. Instead, they gave the organization a chance at a debut tournament, and if it got proper excitement, they would then continue to fund the organization.
The final scoreboard can be found here: AirKirdé-North Coast Championship

Overall, the event went well enough and staff decided to approve the MMB Cup at the May 2018 GSM. This recognized the start of the MRT Golf Association's first season

Season Records

Season Winner Points Possible Points Point Percentage
1 Cookie46910 250 350 71.4%

Season 1

Season 2

MGA Fun Minigolf Tournaments

This minigolf category has no leaderboard like the season ones above, instead it's play for cash prizes (prize fund is assembled by sponsors). Currently, the recent tournament held in New Amsterdam (XenRail Open) at The 18th Mine is the first tournament to apply this new category. 5 players played the course (except mdbro55 had to leave after hole 6), the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th placed players are listed below:

1st - autobus22 ($200), 2nd - Johngi ($100), 3rd - PineappleMaster2 ($50), 4th - Skelezomperman ($25), 5th - mdbro55 ($25).

The prize fund was $400.

Offseason Events

Tournament In between Location(s) Winner
AirKirde-North Coast Championship Before Season 1 Segville, Falloway _Kastle
ShadowCorp Match Play Championship Season 1 and Season 2 Kenthurst Red_Ray