West Calbar

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West Calbar
Part of Arctic Plains
West Calbar View.png
Town officials
Mayor sesese9
Deputy Mayor RLcrafters
Sheriff quixang
Treasurer Undecided
Town Councillors Amtrak_pug, corpse5, RLcrafters
MRT  A13  Maplelyn District (West Calbar)
 A14  West Calbar
Roadways Highway A89.png Highway A942.png Highway B901.png
Other transit CitiRail Commuter Rail, Northern Star Ferries, Metrolink, Harbour Connections
Facts and figures
Population 12
Founded October 26, 2014
Town rank Senator
State Republic of Scarborough
Official language(s) English
World New
Post codes

 WC9  1RB (Riverbend)
 WC9  1DT (Downtown)
 WC9  1MP (Maplelyn)

Flag of the People's Republic of Montego.svg This city is a proud member of the People's Republic of Montego Seal of the People's Republic of Montego.png

Welcome to West Calbar!

This is the page for the City of West Calbar. Anything said or done on this page is monitored by the City but you don't need to know that. The town is built around the MRT Stations  A13  Maplelyn District (West Calbar) and  A14  West Calbar. Currently, the town is Senator rank and is experiencing major growth in terms of road expansion and more buildings being built around town.

Town Policies


  • Do not grief.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not build without permission.
  • Respect others around you.
  • Have Fun!

About Taxes

Why is this even here? It's here because I wanted to tell everyone that living in West Calbar is free! No need for taxes!



West Calbar is officially a member of League of Cities, NWAG or the Northwestern Association of Governments and also a founding member of the Arctic Plains SMP


Name Role
sesese9 Mayor
RLcrafters Deputy Mayor
Martii_Scots01 Director of Tranist
hntredtie Director of Rebellion
quixang Sheriff
Amtrak_pug Maplelyn District Head
corpse5 Town Councillor
Unfilled Police Chief


Address Resident
Leafy Apartments A Amtrak_pug
Leafy Apartments B hntredtie
Leafy Apartments C nktrain
2 Donkey Ave sesese9
3 Donkey Ave quixang
Sunnyside Apartments 1A Empty
Sunnyside Apartments 1B Empty
Sunnyside Apartments 1C Detroit_Kitteh
Sunnyside Apartments 1D MeetMeInSpace
Sunnyside Apartments 2A RedBear47
Sunnyside Apartments 2B Empty
Sunnyside Apartments 2C cardinalland
Sunnyside Apartments 2D Empty
1 Resident Way Amtrak_pug
2 Resident Way Ryan.....something something



Originally created as a seperate town by MC_Protocol, the district of Maplelyn is a district more catered to residental life. The streets have sewers underneath in case of flooding. In addition, Whitechapel Sky Harbor is only a short drive away. The streets of Maplelyn are distinct, in the sense that the roads are wider for more traffic.

Downtown West Calbar

Typically referred to as the main town, Downtown West Calbar is the heart of the town. With the Town Hall and Police Station, the downtown district has its dosage of government buildings.

Inner-City Transit

See West Calbar/Transit for more info.


  • Transit Hub soon
  • Road Expansion (currently happening)
  • More Skyscrapers!!! (still working on)

Rail Transit Info

Rail Transport
Previous station Next station
 A12  Corrigan District (Whitechapel)
towards Central City—Southwest Station via Whitechapel
 A13  Maplelyn District (West Calbar)
 A14  West Calbar
 A15  Washingcube
towards Snowtopic
Ilirea Suburbs
RegionalConnect North East Corridor (planned)
West Calbar
towards St. Anna
West Calbar
Calbar Arena
Washingcube (Washingcube Branch)
Amestris (Stoptrain MidMRT Line)
Laclede (Intercity MidMRT Line)
Whitechapel-Corrigan Northern via Whitechapel—Waterfront Station CitiRail Maidenhead Line
Forest Landing Station
Woodsdale towards
Gold City (North Branch)
Birchview (South Branch)
Freshney Arctic Plains Metro Loop
West Calbar