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Town officials
Mayor sesese9
Deputy Mayor camelfantasy
Founder Narnia17
Sheriff Narnia17
Treasurer to be decided
Town Councillors to be decided
MRT  P19  Scarborough - Beaufort
 P20  Scarborough - New Kent
 V19  -  P21  Scarborough
 P22  Scarborough - East Calbar
Bus Scarborough Air Base Bus Terminal
Roadways B431-shield.png
Rail MCR
Network South Central
Manukau Transport (planned)
Facts and figures
Population 5
Founded March 5, 2015
Town rank [Governor]
Official language(s) English
World New
Post codes  SC4 
Political Party  (I)  Independent
Ward(s) 4

Scarborough is a Governor town owned by sesese9 located on the MRT Plains Line.


Originally founded by Narnia17, Scarborough was set on humble beginnings. The first building was built by Narnia and the roads were laid. However, Narnia lost inspiration and soon forgot about Scarborough. Later, sesese9 was looking to start a second town on the MRT Valley Line. To his disadvantage, almost every one that he saw was claimed. Then, Narnia asked sesese9 if he wanted an old claim that he had at V19. sesese9 rode the MRT there and found that the station was perfect. It was a transfer station for the MRT Plains Line which he considered a plus. In addition, roads were already built! So, sesese9 continued the roads further and built a Rent-A-Car for fresh travelers from the MRT. The area has slowly grown bigger over time. Now encompassing 3 MRT Plains Line station, Scarborough has blossomed from a tiny settlement to a booming city. Considerably bigger than its sister city, West Calbar, Scarborough is the culmination of lessons learned for sesese9 over time.



Centered around  V19  -  P21  Scarborough, many builds here either existed upon Sesese9's acquisition of the town or were built in the early days of Sese's mayorship. The older builds are closely centered around  V19  -  P21  Scarborough and as you go outward, get progressively younger in age.

Notable Builds

  • Town Hall
  • MRT Plaza

New Kent

Centered around  P20  Scarborough - New Kent, the station came under Scarborough's control shortly after the approval for the B431. Since the original owner was inactive and Downtown was slowly growing in the general direction, sesese9 annexed the area for Scarborough. New Kent is mainly residential with a few businesses on bigger roads. Some features of New Kent include streetlights and cul-de-sac neighborhoods of houses.

Notable Builds

East Calbar

Originally the town of Denzil,  P22  Scarborough - East Calbar was integrated into Scarborough as the town as slowly expanded eastward. This district is home of the TTC Tram Line Station to Thunderbird.

Notable Builds

Fairstone Heights

Considered by many, the skyrise district of Scarborough. Many builds here are looming skyscrapers that pierce the skies.

Notable Builds

Nimitz Heights

Nimitz Heights

Originally named after the development area by MojangChan, this district is north of Scarborough Air Base and north of the A4. This area features military housing for commanding generals, admirals, and other esteemed officers. Streets are named after decorated US military officers.

Notable Builds

Lumoise City

Styled after it's inspiration from Pokemon, this district is primarily built by BossOfGames. At first, it was a city itself but was later integrated into Scarborough proper while Boss retains his building rights and does the major planning for the area.

Notable Builds

  • Scarborough Swim Center
  • Lumoise City Transit Center


Originally built by frankbros429, this peaceful district was a separate town at  P19  Scarborough - Beaufort until February 2020 when Scarborough annexed the town as a new district.

Notable Builds



Headquarted in the Scarborough Court House, the Judicial Courts of Scarborough are headed by the Chief Justice.

Parks and Recreation

Run by the Scarborough Park and Recreation Department (SPARD), this department is in charge of upkeep of facilities and creation of new facilites in the city. See Scarborough Parks and Recreation Department or SPARD for more info and full list of parks in Scarborough.


In charge of the main infrastructure of Scarborough, the Transportation Department is tasked with upkeep of Scarborough's roads, rail lines, and the metro, SRT.


Intra-City Connections

Scarborough Bus Depot

Gate Company Route Number Destination Status
1 LeafTransit LT-03 West Calbar Status: Service Good.png Good service
2 LeafTransit LT-04 Oakburgh Status: Service Good.png Good service

Scarborough Air Base Bus Terminal

Gate Company Route Number Destination Status
1A LeafTransit LT-07 Schillerton/Northgate Status: Service Good.png Good service
1B LeafTransit LT-09 Creeperville via East Spruce Status: Service Partial.png Partial service open: only to Creeperville
1C LeafTransit LT-08 Ravenna/New Bakersville City Status: Service Good.png Good service
1D BluBus 202 Tranquil Forest Status: Service Good.png Good service
1E Prime Bus PB04 Royal Ferry/Marblelake Heathrow International Airport Status: Service Good.png Good service
2A Network South Central Z513 Royal Ferry Victoria Status: Service Good.png Good service
2B LeafTransit LT-10 Covina Status: Service Good.png Good service
2C RedLine Buses 010a Thunderbird Status: Service Good.png Good service
2D RedLine Buses 010 Covina Status: Service Good.png Good service
2E RedLine Buses 010 Sunshine Coast via Murrville Status: Service Good.png Good service
S1 Neptune Buses TBA TBA Status: Service Unknown.png Status unknown
S2 LeafTransit LT-11 Segville Status: Service Good.png Good service

Inter-City Transit

Scarborough Rapid Transit or SRT operates metro lines that help with transporting citizens/visitors around the city. See SRT for system map and more info.


Unlike West Calbar, Scarborough will have some major highways throughout the town to help with transit. One of the highways is B431-shield.png which connects Scarborough to the Highway A4.png while passing through other towns such as Beaufort.


Project Spice

Beginning in August 2018 and ending in June 2019, Scarborough underwent a huge revamp known under the name Project Spice. Many of these revamps would help Scarborough with it's goal of attaining Governor. Some of the goals are described below in order of priority:

  • Furnish any unfurnished builds
  • Rebuild Scarborough MRT Station  V19  -  P21  Scarborough
  • Decorate the parks more. AESTHETICS!
  • More houses
  • Expand Nimitz Heights
  • More franchises would be nice


  • 3/5/15- sesese9 is now the mayor of Scarborough! And now, the wiki page is made. Future expansion to come.
  • 5/28/15- B-class road in construction! We will keep you posted as this undergoes.
  • 5/30/15 - B-class road named and numbered! B431 and name: Texas Memorial Highway
  • 1/4/16 - B431 to be merged into B-class road that will connect to the A4 (to be constructed when councillor is achieved)
  • 1/5/16 - Congrats to camelfantasy on Deputy Mayor of Scarborough! :D
  • 1/7/16 - Councillor :DDD
  • Sometime 2016 - Mayor
  • 3/??/18 - B431 approved to connect Scarborough to Beaufort and A4
  • 4/10/18 - P20 was annexed by Scarborough, marking the start of the district of New Kent
  • 5/14/18 - Scarborough promoted to Senator!! Thank you MRT Staff!
  • 8/11/18 - P22 has been auctioned to Scarborough. Integration will commence soon.
  • 2/27/19 - BluRail has begun service to Scarborough. Station is located near  P20  Scarborough - New Kent
  • 3/27/19 - TTC has finished the tram line to Thunderbird. Service has begun as of today.
  • 5/06/19 - Lumoise City has been integrated into Scarborough
  • 6/14/19 - Scarborough submitted for Governor review
  • 6/28/19 - Scarborough was promoted to [Governor]!!
  • 2/20/20 - Scarborough has annexed  P19  Scarborough - Beaufort as a new district
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