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Town officials
Mayor autobus22
Deputy Mayor AP_Red
Founder autobus22
MRT  C96  Wazamawazi Forest Mountain
 C97  Wazamawazi Central
 T29  Kessler - Wazamawazi East
 T30  Wazamawazi King Alexander
 WN10  Wazamawazi - Spring Valley
 WN11  Hiranomachi Peaks
 WN12  Hiranomachi
 C98   T31   WN13  Jeeka - Zwanenburgt
Roadways Unnamed Road to Spring Valley connecting to the A8 in Spring Valley.
Other transit RaiLinQ, BusLinQ, TramLinQ, Airport
Facts and figures
Population 75+
Town hall coordinates 6757,65,4200
Founded 4 October 2014
Town rank Governor
Renamed Wazumi (5 October 2014)
Official language(s) Dutch, English, Japanese
World Gamma
Post codes WW8 *** (*** depending on district.)

Wazamawazi is a large city in the north-west of the Gamma area. It became well known for hosting the Fifth Eagle Awards and MRTvision Screenshot Contest 3 in it's multiple major theatres, and for being the home of RaiLinQ. It has also been featured multiple times in The Amazing Race.


5 July 2015

  • Stations T29 and T31/C98 opened!
  • RegioLinQ Wazamawazi metro current tracks revamped, Circle part of 51 in progress.

10 April 2015

  • RegioLinQLine 52 (subway) opened between Queen Maxima Station and Main Station
  • First roads in suburbs done.

11 February 2015

  • RegioLinQLine 52 (subway) opened between Wazumi mall (location former Wazumi town) and Main Station

7 February 2015

  • Cities reaches senator status.

15 October 2014

  • First part RegioLinQ line 51 (subway) opened.

12 October 2014

  • Frumple plaza constructed.
  • Jones gasoline erected.
  • New row houses in city center.
  • Allifarki assigned as Deputy Mayor.
  • Start on making new district: Wazumi Town.
  • Start on making new district: Tiaga District.
  • Start on making new district: Zwanenburg.
  • Start on tribunal and city mall.

10 October 2014

  • Different shops erected.
  • Wazumi promenade finished.
  • Trailer camp finished.

8 October 2014

  • Start on making new district: city center

6 October

  • Twin peaks landmark made
  • Town hall finished
  • Hospital finished
  • Old city district finished
  • Start on making new district:Wazumi promenade
  • Got councillor status

5 October

  • Start on making old city
  • Town hall erected
  • First franchises erected.
  • First building erected: minigas wazamawazi town hall
  • Town renamed from wazumi city to wazamawazi

4 October

  • Town founded
  • Name given: Wazumi city
  • First road erected (ying yang road)


Wazamawazi has a large amount of smaller districts, and a district map will be posted soon.

Old Town and City Center

The area boxed in by a highway, Circle line and taiga line, mostly skyscrapers, Victorian buildings and some villa's. Includes major buildings: Town Hall, Hospital, C97 station, Gymnasium, MBS studios and Helmans bridge.


The suburban area, largely filled with modern and row housing, its located north of T30. Includes major places: T30 station, T31/C98 station.

Wazumi town

A high-rise and large buildings area east of the highway, It includes mostly high rise and important buildings like: La Musica Theatre, Wazumi Mall, Queen maxima station, Doykea and more.

Alexander town

A very small cramped district of small row housing pushed between Wazumi town and Zwanenburgt and the highway, not very popular and the only interesting thing in it is a library.

Stoneham town

A larger sized suburban area east of wazumi town pushed against the border wall of kessler. Important buildings: T29 station.


A mid sized suburban area on the edge of the mountain between C96 and C97. No important buildings can be found here.<BRM>

Important roads

M01 (Wazamawazi Motorway 01) Exits: M0101 wazumi town, M0102 Wazamawazi, M0103 wazamawazi north, M0104 Wazamawazi Hillside. The City will soon be connected up with a regional road to the A8.

Wazamawazi Public Transport

Wazamawazi Public Transport Map

Public transit in wazamawazi is run by RegioLinQ companies TramLinQ and BusLinQ

Wazamawazi Tram lines stop charts

Line 1 Main station - Crystalside

 1  TramLinQ Tram 1 runs from the main station, underground trough the city center trough the zwanenburgt district to end at Crystalside. (Stop bronzite)

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png T1-01 Main station  2   C97  Wazamawazi Central
Dynmap Green Flag.png T1-02 City Center  18 
Dynmap Construction.png T1-04 King Alexander station (under construction)  T30  Wazamawazi King Alexander
Dynmap Construction.png T1-06 Amethyst (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png T1-07 Olivine (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png T1-08 Bronzite (planned) No connections

Line 2 Main station - Gardenside

 2  TramLinQ Tram 2 runs from the main station via Shawazu to the Queen Maxima RaiLinQ hub and then continues into Gardenside district.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png T2-01 Main station  1   C97  Wazamawazi Central
Dynmap Green Flag.png T2-02 Shawazu No connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png T2-03 Queen Maxima transit hub  18   RaiLinQ   RegionalConnect 
Dynmap Construction.png T2-04 Sunflower Garden (under construction) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png T2-05 Rose Garden (planned) No connections
Dynmap Pin.png T2-06 Gardenside (planned) No connections

Wazamawazi Bus lines stop charts

Line 18 City Center - Queen Maxima

 18  BusLinQ Bus 18 rides a shuttle service between tramstop City Center and Queen Maxima so people traveling from the north to Queen Maxima can save .25 cents by not traveling via the Main Station.

Status Code Name Connections
Dynmap Green Flag.png B18-01 City Center  1 
Dynmap Green Flag.png B18-02 Queen Maxima transit hub  2   RaiLinQ   RegionalConnect 

Fun facts

  • Wazamawazi had 2 MRT station's in early gamma when it wasn't allowed due to a misunderstanding between autobus22, thomasfyfe and frumple.
  • Wazamawazi had the first highway on gamma that was usable, the internal highway M01, which was later replaced by a botanic garden and a bus road.
  • Wazamawazi had the first level crossing with a MRT line on gamma next to C97 station. It has since been removed.
  • Wazamawazi is the city which uses the letter 'w' the most in it's name.
  • Wazamawazi hosted the Fifth Eagle Awards on June 9th 2018 at Grandma Henny's Grand Theatre.
  • Wazamawazi hosted the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 3 on March 13th 2019 and March 30th 2019 at La Musica Theatre.
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 C95  North Storalisburg
towards Daneburg
 C96  Wazamawazi Forest Mountain
 C97  Wazamawazi Central
 C98  Jeeka - Zwanenburgt
 C99  Jeeka
towards Mason City
 T28  Foobar
towards Central City—Northwest Station via Kessler
 T29  Kessler - Wazamawazi East
 T30  Wazamawazi King Alexander
 T31  Jeeka - Zwanenburgt
 T32  Jeeka
towards T40