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Alert.png Thunderbird is currently in the process of overhauling all elevators citywide.
This is to upgrade all current EasyElevators to the latest Lift technology installed on the server, so certain elevators may be out of service at this time. Please note: if the EasyElevator plugin no longer works, almost all buildings with more than one floor and TTC subway stations will be inaccessible as elevators are the only way to access them. We apologize for any inconvenience and will strive to complete the work as soon as possible. See the Elevator Overhaul Program section for more details.
Town Officials
Mayor decorminecraft
Deputy Mayor hnt
Founder decorminecraft
Treasurer bobberpants
Town Councillors

34lynx72 (Head Councillor)







Aliksong (Chief Justice)

Narnia17 (Speaker of the House)



MRT  F16  Thunderbird West,  F17  Thunderbird
Bus Transport for Appleton, Thunderbird Transit Commission, ChimpBusConnect (future)
Other transit Thunderbird Transit Commission, ConnectEAST (future), RegionalConnect
Facts and Figures
Population 25+
Founded October 4, 2014
Recognized as town December 3, 2014
Town Rank Governor
Official Language(s) English
World Gamma (new)
Post codes  TH4 
Ward(s) 4

Thunderbird is a city on the new world located along the MRT Forest Line at  F16  Thunderbird West and  F17  Thunderbird MRT stations. It is part of Ward 4. Its rank is currently Governor.

Elevator Overhaul Program

As just mentioned, Thunderbird is currently undergoing an elevator overhaul program to upgrade all existing EasyElevators to the new Lift elevators. If the EasyElevator plugin is removed, almost all buildings with more than one floor and TTC subway stations will be inaccessible as elevators are the only way to access them. Completely overhauled elevators include the following:

  • 1 Yonge Street: NE elevator
  •  F17  Thunderbird MRT/TTC station - all elevators
  •  F16  Thunderbird West MRT/TTC station
  • Convention Centre TTC station
  • Fyfe TTC station
  • Thunderbird ConnectEAST station -  Y  platform, two concourse-external train elevators

Thunderbird City Officials

Thunderbird's mayor is decorminecraft, the Deputy Mayor is hnt and the Head Councillor is 34lynx72.The other officials are shown on the chart below. Three of them are moderators - hnt, Narnia17 and Aliksong! Want to become a member of the City Council? Contact decorminecraft via MRT Mail or the /mail send command. When decorminecraft sees this, he will respond back if yes or no, depending on if you built in Thunderbird, and if there is still space left. There are 5 spaces left!

Town Official Offices

Player Name (if not Vacant) Office code number Place on Council
decorminecraft 6A Mayor
hnt 6B Deputy Mayor
34lynx72 6C Head Councillor
?? 6D Sheriff
Bestmate66 5A Councillor Ward 1 - Airport District
willywilson123 5B Councillor
Twh9432 5C Councillor Ward 3 - North Old Town District
QueenSmae 5D Councillor Ward 4 - South Old Town District
Treesofgold 4A Councillor
Aliksong 4B Chief Justice
Detroit Kitteh 4C Councillor Ward 2 - North Transit District
Narnia17 4D Speaker of the House
sesese9 3A Councillor Ward 6 - North New City District
kiwirainbow 3B Councillor Ward 5 - South Transit District
MeetMeInSpace 3C Councillor Ward 7 - South New City District
Vacant 3D N/A
bobberpants 2A Treasurer
Vacant 2B N/A
Vacant 2C N/A
Vacant 2D N/A

About Thunderbird

Thunderbird was founded by decorminecraft on Gamma server opening day (October 4, 2014). Thunderbird is full of elevators, as decorminecraft likes making them a lot. Many staff members know that, like Hntredtie, for example. Thunderbird is currently at the Governor rank, as decorminecraft is ranked currently. Thunderbird is a member of the Eastern Association of Serendipity Towns (aka EAST). It even supplies the RedGrocer store with some fresh fish and chicken!


Old Town District

When decorminecraft started to begin building Thunderbird, he started with this district. The area was almost all all walking pathways and buildings back in October 2014. There are 3 roads in this district. The area is around  F17  Thunderbird station. Notable buildings are located here:

  • City Hall (Old)
  • DElevator Company main headquarters
  • 1 Yonge Street (a tall condominium building near the southeast of the city)
  • Thunderbird RegionalConnect station

Transit District

This district is in the west area of the city. It is still developing. The Thunderbird Bus terminal is in this district, as well as:

  • the Thunderbird Officials Office Tower
  • Thunderbird Public Library
  • Thunderbird Convention Centre (and TTC (metro) station)
  • Office building (and TTC (metro) station)
  • Kalmar Fried Chicken store (1st new world store to open)

The Thunderbird Transit Centre is half in this district and half on the New City District, which you'll read about next.

Note that the Old Town District and the Transit District are separated by a walkway named Red Tie St, named after Deputy Mayor hntredtie.

New City District

This district is located around the  F16  Thunderbird West station area and planned to have several roads and look more urban, so this is one of the reasons why we are expanding towards  F16  station and all around it. The district is divided up into two parts: North and South New City Districts. Some buildings are planned to be or already in this district:

  • The Thunderbird Eaton Centre (spoofed after the Toronto Eaton Centre)
  • New City Hall
  • Thunderbird Marina
  • Thunderbird's future epic landmark: RegionalConnect Basketball Arena, home of the Thunderbirds.

District of Education--planned

This district is planned to be located below the Old Town District and beside the South New City District. It plans to have a school (or an elementary and secondary school), a larger reference library, and potential other buildings.

Sports District

This district is the newest district to be planned. If you look on the MRT dynmap, northeast of  F16  is a piece of land shaped like a dog's head! This area plans to have the future RegionalConnect Arena (Basketball). Currently, DeTennis Park (named after Councillor Detroit Kitteh) and the RedGrocer store are located in the district.

Airport District

The airport district is a newly established district (opened early 2019) located on the northeast corner of Thunderbird (See the MRT Dynmap). See Thunderbird International Airport for more information pertaining to the airport.

City Transit & Transit Connections

Thunderbird has a transit system called "Thunderbird Transit Commission", a spoofed name of the Toronto Transit Commission. Both have "TTC" as abbreviations. The TTC uses a Cyan-Like automation system (still made by decorminecraft). Thunderbird is connected to many different towns and cities, including Appleton, with Deputy Mayor hntredtie as its mayor. The busiest RegionalConnect station is Thunderbird's very own station! The lines serving Thunderbird also connect to many other towns. They are Appleton (obviously), Melrose, Sealane, Vermilion, Ilirea, Wazamawazi, Elecna Bay, and so much more! The station is under construction and looks awesome! Thunderbird will also have a ConnectEAST rail connection in the foreseeable future.

See the TTC page for more information, including stations, service advisories and planned projects.

Thunderbird Transit Centre

The Thunderbird Transit Centre is an ongoing project to fit in the ConnectEAST station and RegionalConnect system provider bays. It has 4 parts: the Bus Terminal, the future Thunderbird Marina, the ConnectEAST station, and the RegionalConnect station. We know, this also has the abbreviation "TTC." TTC only stands for the Thunderbird Transit Commission and the Toronto Transit Commission. Just call it by its full name.

ConnectEAST station (Main Part of the Transit Centre)

The Thunderbird ConnectEAST station is nearing completion in terms of exterior construction. The  ConnectEAST  and the  ConnectEAST  lines will serve this station. All TTC lines (except the  P  and  O  lines) connect here. Separate rail connections will be serviced here.

Platform # Route name/# Destination Status
1-2 KTA Commuter Rail - Armadillo Line Nippia (Northbound)
Saint Roux (Southbound)
Status: Service Partial.png Partial service open: Service to Saint Roux only.
3-4 Scarborough RT  P22  Scarborough - East Calbar Status: Service Good.png Good service

Fun fact: The Scarborough RT line is also a real Toronto Transit Commission line! The line number of that is 3.

RegionalConnect station

Thunderbird Yonge Street (RC) station. The 1 Yonge St. condo building is near the top left corner.

The RegionalConnect station for Thunderbird is located nearby the 1 Yonge St. condo building! The nearest metro station is Thunderbird Yonge Street station ( G  and  B ). The following RegionalConnect lines run through Thunderbird:

RegionalConnect line Division Terminus 1 Terminus 2
MidSouth Line (MSL) Southern Marblegate Daneburg
Southern Connector Line (SCL) Southern Elecna Bay?? Thunderbird
Thunderbird-Wythern Shuttle Southern Thunderbird Wythern

Note: Chart is not fully accurate, as RLcrafters has revised the RegionalConnect map and plans.

BluRail Station

Thunderbird is being served by the 3 BluRail Line.

Network South Central Station

Thunderbird is being served by Intercity Line #2 Network South Central rail.

RaiLinQ Station

Thunderbird will soon be served by RaiLinQ rail.

Thunderbird Bus Terminal

Alert.png Note: A few occupied gates have buses with either dysfunctional warp signs or no warp signs at all. This includes the bus to Appleton, which ceased to exist. Alert.png

There are 4 terminals, with 7 gates available at the Thunderbird Bus Terminal.

Route Company Destination Status Terminal #
1 Thunderbird Transit Commission Matheson  On Time  1
I1 ChimpBusConnect Accerton  Planned  1
2 Thunderbird Transit Commission West Calbar  On Time  1
3 Thunderbird Transit Commission Quartz Bay  On Time  2
4 Thunderbird Transit Commission Utopia  On Time  2
5 (Temporarily 5A) Thunderbird Transit Commission Kenthurst VIA Sealane  On Time; short-turns at Sealane  2
010a RedLine Buses Scarborough  On Time  3

Thunderbird Marina

The future Thunderbird Marina is planned to be located on the south-west end of the city and have a TTC transfer station:  B1 - YW3  station. More info will be added soon, stay tuned!

Thunderbird International Airport (TBI)

The Thunderbird International Airport will be located in the Airport district. This is probably the 8th airport in Gamma to be built. It is scheduled to be built after May GSM (by a little of decorminecraft, and mainly kiwirainbow, Bestmate66, and DM hntredtie).Click here to apply for a gate at TBI!

Iconic Buildings and Places

1 Yonge Street (Condominium building)

This is Thunderbird's most popular residence building to live in. This building consists of 23 floors, plus a roof and  GRC - BRC  Thunderbird RegionalConnect TTC station right under it! It also has cool elevators, too. You can own a 1 bedroom condo for $5, or a 2 bedroom condo for $10. The building is managed by Decormanagement Condos. <-- Click that link and find the form to request for a condo!

Thunderbird Eaton Centre

The Thunderbird Eaton Centre is Thunderbird's most popular shopping mall, spoofed after the Toronto Eaton Centre. The  B  TTC line runs and provides service to the mall. If you want some space for your businesses/shops/franchises, please feel free to go to the Thunderbird Talk page or ask decorminecraft personally and ask for space.

Business/shop/franchise name Owner Floor (2, 4, or 5)
Tim Hortons Detroit Kitteh 2

Thunderbird Office Building

The Thunderbird Office building is located at  GS1  TTC station. You can locate headquarters of any company here or something else appropriate. You'll have one entire floor to yourself. Space is free, just ask decorminecraft for space.

Floor # Name Owner Status
9 EmeraldHoldings cgc747 Reserved
14 Appleton Embassy hntredtie Reserved

Thunderguard Law Firm Headquarters

The Thunderguard Law Firm was established in the summer of 2015 and is being re-introduced by the Head Councillor 34lynx72. The HQ is located nearby the Music's Gems store, the Acacia wood building.

RegionalConnect Arena - Official Landmark

The RegionalConnect Basketball Arena is the home of the Thunderbird Thunderbirds. The arena is currently under construction, and is scheduled to open very soon! Connections to the TTC's  R  and  O  lines will open simultaneously with the arena to offer seamless connection to the arena.

Previous station Next station
 F15  Foobar
towards Central City—Northeast Station
 F16  Thunderbird West
 F17  Thunderbird
 F18  Foobar
towards  F41  Foobar/ JN15