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Flag of the People's Republic of Montego.svg This city is a proud member of the People's Republic of Montego Seal of the People's Republic of Montego.png
Town officials
Mayor Luigi_Board
Deputy Mayor DaEdwards
Representative to Montego DaEdwards
Water Port of Sansmore
Nearest airport Sansmore Helipad
Other transit SansLink (Future)
Facts and figures
Town hall coordinates 5110, 64, -15754
Founded May 21, 2019
Town rank [Mayor]
Official language(s) English
World New
Post codes KV1
Ward(s) 1

Sansmore is a island town located in the north part of the MRT. It was founded by DaEdwards as Kavsu on May 21, 2019 as a port between Chalxior/New Acreadium and Verdantium. On May 28, 2019, it was transferred to Luigi_Board and renamed Sansmore.


Founding and Transition (May 21-May 28, 2019)

Sansmore's history starts on May 21, 2019, when DaEdwards claimed the island. He intended it as "a town with a few franchises, a few houses, but most importantly, a port." It was going to be a hub for COLUMBIAferry, a service Edward would establish.

Later, _Sans05 said in chat how his first town, Sansberg, wouldn't get to Councillor. Edward offered Sans Kavsu for 20$, and Sans became mayor. With this, Kavsu became Sansmore. Sans went right to work building his town. He did many things in this time period, such as improving the port building, building a dock, adding the hvt's Boba Shop, Flowey Foods, and Big Donut franchises, and building his town hall.

Sans's Inactivity (May 29-June 23, 2019)

This period started when Sans's computer broke. Because of this, sans was inactive for about a month. During this time, DaEdwards became Caretaker Mayor, adding a few franchises. This period was rather uneventful in Sansmore's History, though, except for the addition of NicCoffee and Purple Pidgeon. This was mostly because Edwards was working on his town.

Sans's Return and the Councillor Era ((June 24, 2019-Now)

Sans bought a new computer on the 23rd, downloaded Minecraft, and headed straight to the MRT. Then, he finished Sansmore's Town Hall exterior and started work on its interior. He also put his own franchises, Sans Inn and Winterplain Hotels, in the city. He build a second road off the newly-named Main Boulevard called Blagovka Way, named after Edwards' town, Blagovka. There he built two houses, one for himself and one for Fiork18. Later, he got KingFox To build a Philip's Ice Cream in Sansmore. Planning for a Metro System (Maybe SansLink)) and another Main road, Sansberg Drive, are underway.

Sansmore is also planned to hold a music festival at some point in August 2019, MRTvista.



Sansmore is connected to other cities via the WMB New North Line, as well as being serviced by a planned Hummingbird Boat Lines route. In the future, COLUMBIAferry will probably use Sansmore as a hub and construct a new port.



We're a MineCaching friendly city! You can place caches in our city, as long as you follow the Code and the Cache Guidelines. Happy Geocaching!