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Soko dynmap.png
Soko as seen from Dynmap
Flag of Soko.png
Flag of Soko
FoundedApril 27, 2022
CompletedSeptember 20, 2022
Coordinates22268, 64, -18360
WorldNew World
WardWard 2
Itokani Transit connectionsLailai
No. of buildings9
Island landmarkCornelia Fountain

Soko is the tenth island settlement of Itokani, located in the Northern Ocean in the region of Senikau. The island was built by McYoshi26, the mayor of Itokani. Construction of the island began on April 27, 2022, and was completed on September 20, 2022.

Soko is notable for being the nautical shipping center of Itokani.


Southern Soko from the air in September 2022

After the completion of Lailai, the construction of Soko began on April 27, 2022, on singleplayer. The first days of construction involved the flattening of the island and the expansion of walkable land with a dock area. Ceva Bridge was created to connect Teivaki to Soko.

On July 9, 2022, when McYoshi26 received Conductor, the construction progress that was completed on singleplayer was brought onto the server, including the Syan Lighthouse.

Over the following months, construction on the housing facilities slowly took place. On September 18, 2022, the island's houses were completed and the Cornelia Fountain, designed by lalaboy, was pasted in. The following day, the art installation Citrus Love was created. On that night, the island's stalls, crates, and cranes were detailed and placed throughout the island.

Tonster_ gave McYoshi26 permission to modify one of his boat designs for the first two Itokani Cargo Company boat to be docked at Soko with cargo boxes, which were parked at the dock on September 20, 2022.

The island was declared completed on September 20, 2022, when an in-game map of the island was made.


The island is named after the Fijian word for 'sail'. A few locations on the island were named after Fijian words. Ceva Bridge is named after the Fijian word for 'southern'. The Syan Lighthouse is named after the Fijian word for 'cyan'.

Seven out of the eight of the households on the island are named after characters from Heartstopper, with the one other household being named after its creator, Alice Oseman. Citrus Love is named after the song "Citrus Love" by Bao The Whale featuring Overspace.

All of the stalls on the island are puns on Taylor Swift songs: "Afterglow", "All Too Well", "All You Had To Do Was Stay", "Dress", "End Game", "Girl At Home", "How You Get The Girl", "I Wish You Would", "I Know Places", "I Think He Knows", "ivy", "long story short", "Look What You Made Me Do", "Me!", "Mine", "Out of the Woods", "Picture to Burn", "Superman", "Style", "Sweeter Than Fiction", "The Last Time", "The Very First Night", "Willow", and "You Are In Love".

The two Itokani Cargo Company Boats, the SS Emotion and the SS Reputation, are named after a Carly Rae Jepsen and Taylor Swift album, respectively.


Soko is located in the Northern Ocean. It is the southeastern island group in the region of Senikau. The island is surrounded by deep ocean and deep cold ocean biomes.

The closest settlement to Soko is Teivaki, which is connected by a bridge at the northern tip of the island.

Builds and attractions

Soko has a total of nine buildings: the Syan Lighthouse and eight houses. This does not count the open-air stalls nor bathroom facilities.

Soko is home to 24 market stalls, selling various items:

Other attractions on the island include the sculpture Citrus Love, featuring two statues proposing to each other simultaneously, and the Cornelia Fountain.


Soko is connected by the Ceva Bridge to Teivaki on the northern tip of the island.

Itokani Local Boats take passengers to other islands in Itokani. Soko is connected by boat Lailai and Waitui at the Soko Small Boat Dock.