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Sulua dynmap.png
Sulua as seen from Dynmap
Flag of Sulua.png
Flag of Sulua
FoundedSeptember 26, 2020
CompletedFebruary 20, 2022
Coordinates19705, 63, -19019
WorldNew World
WardWard 2
Itokani Transit connectionsVinataka
No. of buildings8
Island landmarkThe Thirtieth Angel

Sulua is the eighth island settlement of Itokani, located in the Northern Ocean in the region of Senikau. The island was built by McYoshi26, the mayor of Itokani. Construction of the island began on September 26, 2020, and was completed on February 20, 2022.

Sulua is one of the most remote islands in the town and is nicknamed "the squid islet", as the island's sole resident farms squids.


The Filip Residency in northern Sulua

Following the completion of Teivaki and the near conclusion of The Amazing Race 11, Sulua was officially claimed on September 26, 2020, at night when MinecraftYoshi26 was bored. Minor terraforming was done that night.

Construction on the island was then halted following Modgate as a result of MinecraftYoshi26's inactivity.

Following the February 2022 GSM, Itokani received the rank of Premier. On February 19, 2022, the island began construction on a singleplayer world, with the completion of terraforming and the addition on that day. The next day, the island was completed on singleplayer and pasted on the server in three schematics by hvt2011.

The island was declared completed on February 20, 2022, when an in-game map of the island was made, approximately 17 months after construction began.


The abandoned Guilecavi Village at night

The island is named after the Fijian word for 'squid'. A few locations on the island are named after Fijian words. The Loaloa Lighthouse is named after the Fijian word for 'black'. The Vakayalo Well is named after the Fijian word for 'spiritual'. Guilecavi Village is named after the Fijian word for 'forgotten'.

The sole resident on the island, Filip, is named after the lead singer of the Slovenian band LPS. The dog, Disko, is named after the LPS song that was Slovenia's entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

The island's dilapidated angel statue, The Thirtieth Angel, refers to Adele's fourth studio album, 30.


Sulua is located in the Northern Ocean. It is in the western groups of islands in the region of Senikau. A deep lukewarm ocean biome surrounds the island on all sides.

In relation to other settlements, Koroturaga is to the east, Waitui is to the south, and Vinataka is to the west. The latter is visible from Sulua, being the closest settlement.

Builds and attractions

Teivaki has a total of eight buildings, not counting the restroom facility: six abandoned buildings, the Loaloa Lighthouse, and the Filip Residency.

The island has two historical abandoned attractions. Sulua houses The Thirtieth Angel, representing hope. The statue is partially broken and is a counterpart to the three angels on Koroturaga. Like its three other counterparts, the angel statue is based on the Roman goddess Victoria seen atop the Siegessäule, also known as the Berlin Victory Monument, in Berlin, Germany. It was originally built for the "Building Up in Berlin" challenge in Big Brother 5. The island also houses Guilecavi Village, a small abandoned village.


The only exit from the island will be through the Sulua Dock in the southern portion of the island. The Itokani Local Transit boats take passengers to other islands in the city of Itokani. Sulua is only connected to Vinataka by boat.