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Sulua, Itokani
Owner MinecraftYoshi26
Itokani Local Transit connections TBD
Facts and figures
Founded September 26, 2020
Official languages English, Fijian
World New World
Ward 2

Sulua is an island in the Northern Ocean that is a part of the town of Itokani. Owned by MinecraftYoshi26, the island is the eighth settlement for Itokani. The island began construction on September 26, 2020 with minor construction.

Sulua is one of the most remote islands in the town with its main export being squid ink and other byproducts.


Following the completion of Teivaki and the near conclusion of The Amazing Race 11, Sulua was officially claimed on September 26, 2020 at night when MinecraftYoshi26 was bored. Minor terraforming was done that night.


The island was named after the Fijian word for 'squid'. A few locations on the island are set to be named after Fijian words.


Sulua is located in the Northern Ocean. It is in the western groups of islands in the region of Senikau. A deep lukewarm ocean biome surround the island on all sides.

In relation to other settlements, both the islands of Vinataka and Waitui are visible from the island, with the closest settlement being the island of Vinataka to the west.

Builds and attractions


The only exit from the island will be through the Sulua Dock. The Itokani Local Transit boats take passengers to other islands in the city of Itokani. Sulua will be only connected to one other island by boat.