New Gensokyo Regional Airfield

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New Gensokyo Regional Airport (NGY) is the smaller airport (and currently only airport) that serves the town New Gensokyo, a city located in the Epsilon region of Ward 9.

Overview of the the airfield

As soon as LegendOfYukari obtained Senator, he instantly started the plans of New Gensokyo Regional Airfield on May 6th, 2019 to have more connections to other cities. Slightly based on the Sunshine Coast Cacto Regional Airport, this airfield has 10 Plane Gates and 12 Helipads.

Purchase Drama

After 6 hours of the airfield being declared, all gates were claimed from ranging prices from $35 - $50. Due to the overwhelming process and planning of the airfield, the price fluctuated from $35 to $999.01, consisting of random bids, purchases, and trade deals. Many players reserved multiple gates without paying, making it impossible to actually complete the airport due to the reservations. These reservations were removed on May 24th, 2019 in order to continue the progress of the airport.


The New Gensokyo Regional Airfield consists of two sections, section A and section B, consisting of 5 gates and 6 helipads each. If you have any interest in buying a helipad, please contact LegendOfYukari on discord or on the server.

Helipad Gate: $50

Discounts: First town: $25

          Councillor: $30
          Mayor: $40 

Section A

Gate ID Destination(s) Airline Availability
A1 Sunshine Coast SunAir Yes
A2 Richville Spirit No
A3 Larkspur Oceanic Airways No
A4 Larkspur LARLAT Yes
A5 Bakersville, Paixton BluAir Yes
Heli A1 Nippia-Liten N/A Incomplete
Heli A2 Bawktown Chicken Wings Air Yes
Heli A3 Osaka, Airchester FlySakura No
Heli A4 UNCLAIMED Example Example
Heli A5 Mojang Town NIJK Yes
Heli A6 UNCLAIMED Example Example

Section B

Gate ID Destination(s) Airline Availability
B1 Richville Infamous Airlines Yes
B2 Deadbush, Espil Kangaroo Air Incomplete
B3 Larkspur MRT Airlines No
B4 Norwest National Airlines No
B5 Carnoustie, Kanto MRTHS Air Yes
Heli B1 Gemstride N/A Yes
Heli B2 Larkspur, Dogwood, Zerez, Llanrwst Newydd, Bristol, Moramoa Sandstone Airr Yes
Heli B3 UNCLAIMED Example Example
Heli B4 Sansvikk RodBla Heli Yes
Heli B5 UNCLAIMED Example Example
Heli B6 UNCLAIMED Example Example