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Highway A5.png - Central North-South Highway
Planner Narnia17
Constructor Narnia17
Helpers MinecraftYoshi26
Terminus North Highway A0.png in Central City
Terminus South Highway A51.png near Whiteley and Venceslo
Road Status Status: Service Good.png Good service
This article is about the A-class highway. For the city located at the MRT station, see Cornus.

A5' is an A-class highway on the New World that connects the Southwold Region (Whiteley, Venceslo, Schillerton) to Central City via Segville.

2018/2019 Realignment Projects

In early 2018, a realignment plan of the Highway A5.png, penned by autobus22 and time2makemymove was submitted and confirmed to extend the road to Whiteley and Venceslo. As such, the previous alignment that curved toward Utopia was renumbered as the Highway A55.png from Shady Grove to Utopia, to account for the Highway A5.png's extension southward.

In May of 2019, another realignment plan was proposed to reroute the A5's northern terminus from the existing at-grade intersection with Morningside Avenue to an existing unused interchange at Eisitasi Avenue built by suppoe, passing by Bluegrass (ZS3) in the process.

Almost a year and a half after the first plan was originally discussed, both realignment projects were finally completed in July 2019, by autobus22, Narnia17, and time2makemymove. Signage on the new extension was done by time2makemymove.

The Approved Plan for the A5/A511 extension project. This was completed in July 2019.

Status Exit number Destinations Road designation Notes
Dynmap Green Flag.png 0a Central City Southwest Terminal
Dynmap Green Flag.png 0b Central City Highway A0.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png 1a Sealane, Formosa, Royal Ferry, Greenmount B51-shield.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png 1b A5U-shield.png UCWTIA, Formosa A5U-shield.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png 2a Pieville
Dynmap Green Flag.png 2b  A5-W  Danielston  A5-W 
Dynmap Green Flag.png 3 Segville
Dynmap Green Flag.png 3e Segville Airport Access (Only Northbound)
Dynmap Green Flag.png 4 Highway A55.png Utopia Highway A55.png
Dynmap Construction.png 5 Shady Grove (under construction)
Dynmap Construction.png 6 East End (under construction)
Dynmap Construction.png 7 Delta City North (under construction)
Dynmap Construction.png 8 Delta City South (under construction)
Dynmap Construction.png 9  A511  Venceslo, Matheson (under construction) A511
Dynmap Construction.png 10 unknown city at ZS14 (under construction)
Dynmap Green Flag.png 11 B59Shield.png Venceslo Parkway to Urbisan
Dynmap Construction.png 12  B56  Paixton (under construction)  B56 
Dynmap Construction.png 13 B54Shield.png Mallison, Venceslo (under construction) B54Shield.png
Dynmap Green Flag.png 14 Highway A51.png Whiteley, Venceslo Highway A51.png