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lil_shadow59 in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest

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lil_shadow59 in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest
Flag of Arcadia.png
Cities representedArcadia
Participation summary
Appearances5 (5 finals)
Host5, 6 (Arcadia)
First appearance3
Highest placement1st: 4, 5
No. of website apperances4

lil_shadow59 has participated in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest five times since his debut in the third contest. He has participated in the contest under his city of Arcadia. lil_shadow59 has qualified for the final every time he has participated. He has won the contest twice and placed second once.

Contest history

lil_shadow59 debuted in the third contest with the screenshot "In Times Gone By". He placed 5th overall with 312 points.

For the fourth contest, lil_shadow59 submitted "Parks and Recreation". The screenshot won the contest, earning 423 points. It beat Moramoa's screenshot of "Starry Night in the City of Light" by 4 points, the smallest winning margin in any contest. Arcadia hosted the following contest, where lil_shadow59 went on to win the following contest for the second time with the screenshot "15 Million Tons of Economic Power", making him the first double winner. His win has the largest margin between the winner and the runner-up, with a 103-point margin between his entry and Spruce Valley's entry of "Tropical Morning".

Arcadia hosted the contest for a second time in the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 6 following lil_shadow59's previous win at the Champion's Bowl, a structure built specifically for the contest. He submitted the screenshot "A.T.F. The Autumns Hammer", placing 12th with 109 points, his worst placement and the only time lil_shadow59 has failed to make it onto the website.

In the MRTvision Screenshot Contest 7, lil_shadow59 submitted "Heart of the City", placing 2nd with 255 points.

Since the seventh contest, lil_shadow59 has left the MRT Server and transferred Arcadia to MC_Protocol on February 12, 2021.


This picture of the Arts District in Dallas, Texas was used as a reference image for lil_shadow59 when building the set for his screenshot "Heart of the City".

lil_shadow59 often used the screenshot contest as an opportunity to construct new builds in and around his town. The screenshot "In Times Gone By" features a train line set that he built above Arcadia. MinecraftYoshi26, the host and producer of the contest, requested that he put the scene on the ground so it was not temporarily in the town in the air, which he did. The screenshot "A.T.F. The Autumns Hammer" featured a ship that was built off-server and pasted off of the coast of Arcadia. The screenshot "Heart of the City" was a Minecraft recreation of an image featured in a smooth jazz video, which led to the development of northern Arcadia.

Participation overview

Table key
Second place
Third place
Contest City represented Screenshot City photographed Final Semi-final
Place Points Place Points
3 Flag of Arcadia (New World).png Arcadia "In Times Gone By" Arcadia 5 312 1 155
4 "Parks and Recreation" Arcadia 1 423 1 140
5 "15 Million Tons of Economic Power" Arcadia 1 294 Prior winner
6 "A.T.F. The Autumns Hammer" None[a] 12 109
7 "Heart of the City" Arcadia 2 255 2 142

MRTvision: Celebrating 10 Screenshot Contests

City represented Screenshot City photographed At Celebrating 10 At MRTvision
Final Points Semi Points Contest Place Points
Flag of Arcadia (New World).png Arcadia "Parks and Recreation" Arcadia 4 155 7 136 4 1 423
"15 Million Tons of Economic Power" None[a] 6 132 4 144 5 1 294
"Heart of the City" Arcadia 5 145 3 144 7 2 255


  1. a b The screenshot was taken at the A.T.F. Autumns Hammer off of the coast of Arcadia.


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