MRT Desert Line

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MRT Desert Line
Desert Line logo.png
RouteCentral City to Totem Beach via Utopia
Number of stations44
Players involved
Main builderyeamanator132 & hawksfan1010: Original section
AP_Red: Desert Extension 1 ( D23  -  D37 )
sesese9: Desert Extension 2 ( D37  -  D44  & former  D44  -  D60 )
Missa_Solemnis: Desert Extension 3 (former  D60  -  D90 )
StationMRT v5

The MRT Desert Line, or simply the Desert Line, is one of the 22 lines of the New World MRT System and one of the 11 initial New World MRT lines built in conjunction with the Gamma server update.


The MRT Desert Line was one of the 11 initial lines built in New World. The initial section went from Central City Southwest Terminal to D23 in Canre.

The MRT Desert Line was first mentioned in the New World MRT plans in August 2014. It would've went to the southwestern corner with a terminal shared with MRT Western Line, MRT Mesa Line and MRT Southern Line. The first extension to M34 in Cavia was proposed by AP_Red in November 2017 GSM, and opened in December 2017 GSM.

In Frumple's Epsilon MRT plans at the May 2017 GSM, MRT Desert Line would be extended to southwest Epsilon, in a terminal with transfers to MRT Western Line and MRT Southern Line.

The second extension of MRT Desert Line extended the line to Gray Cloud located at D60. This extension was constructed by sesese9 in 2 phases. The first phase extended the line to meet with MRT Savannah Line in May 2019 GSM, while the second phase extended the line to Gray Cloud, proposed at the June 2019 GSM. Both phases were opened during the 7th anniversary of MRT Server in July 13, 2019.

The southwest Zeta MRT plans by Frumple. Dotted lines indicate possible alignments. MRT Desert Line is in purple and Island Line is in magenta.

In the Zeta MRT plans by Frumple posted in April 2020, the MRT Desert Line would take a direct southbound route, with where the MRT Desert Line terminating depends on where MRT Island Line is terminating.

The third extension extended the line all the way to Southwest Zeta, being proposed at September 2021 GSM, built by Missa_Solemnis. The extension opened in January 2022 ISM, making MRT Desert Line the second MRT line to be completed.

In the Zeta MRT plans by Frumple at November 2022, he suggested converting D44 to D90 to 2 different lines, with D44 to D69 being converted to MRT Oasis Line (called Knight Line in the plan) and D69 to D90 being converted to MRT Mesa Line, and then from D44, MRT Desert Line would be extended south to meet with MRT Island Line via Carolina.

As part of Project Midway, done by Missa_Solemnis, the MRT Desert Line section between D69 and D90 was transferred to the MRT Mesa Line in January 11, 2023.

At April 29, 2023, MRT Desert Line was cut back from D69 to D44 in Totem Beach to prepare for Phase 2 of Oasis Line, which took over the segment.


The Desert Line commences at Central City, passes through the Desert Large Biome at Ward 7 and terminates at Totem Beach via the Premier city of Utopia. The current travel duration for the line's entire length is approximately 47 minutes.

Original section

The MRT Desert Line begins at Central City Southwest Terminal. West of the station, it joins a shared segment with Mesa and Expo Lines, then leaving Central City and entering Sealane, where the lines shift slightly. West of Sealane, Expo Line ascends to the mountains, while Desert and Mesa Lines remain level, before entering Wallowyn, where the Expo platforms are on ground, while Desert and Mesa platforms are below ground, then Expo Line descends underground on the way until Little Italy, at XW4-M4-D4, before the lines immediately descend entering Formosa, with a section of Expo Line being exposed.

At Formosa, the lines split, with Expo Line turning to the north to Kenthurst, Mesa Line continuing straight to Evella, and Desert Line turning to the south to Danielston. Then, Desert Line continues its journey across a mountainous biome, passing through Musique. Across Utopia the line leaves the mountainous biome, before entering a shattered savannah biome. Then, south of D17, it enters into a tunnel under a RaiLinQ viaduct going across Bexley. South of Bexley, the RaiLinQ viaudct shifts to the west momentarily until Paixton and Desert Line remains open-air for this section, before shifting to the east south of Paixton. Then, line goes across the desert biome, passing through Paixton. In D23 station at Canre, a transfer to Circle Line is available, located on the upper level.

Desert Extension 1

After Canre, the line passes through Mallison then enters a desert biome, remaining overground until south of D27 where it goes underground, and the tunnels change styles, with brick walls and a curved roof, and with D28 being intended to be under Southwold International Airport, which never happened. The line enters the Grand Mesa and remains mostly underground until D35 station, except for a brief section around D30 station and at D33 station in Fenton.

Between D33 and D35, the line goes deep underground under Estival Sea. After the crossing, the line ascends aboveground on the way to D35 station, before going underground entering D37 station at Cavia. In D37 station, another transfer to Mesa Line is offered, located at ground.

Desert Extension 2

After D37, the line switches to a new tunnel style, with quartz walls with a purple terracotta stripe and sea lanterns. The extension remains underground, except for a brief section in Deadbush.

The line leaves Grand Mesa after departing from D39, and south of D41, the line descends in order to cross the strait connecting Estival Sea and Avenir Bay, and then the line terminates at D44 in Totem Beach.

The line formerly used to go past Totem Beach, going to D60 and remaining underground the entire way, with a transfer to Savannah Line at D53. In April 29, 2023, the segment west of D44 was transferred to Oasis Line. The line also used to go further, with an additional extension from D60 to southwestern Zeta via Wenyanga, but this extension is now part of Mesa and Oasis Lines.


City Rank Mayor Stations
Sealane [Governor] tarheelscouse  D2  Sealane
 D3  Wallowyn
 D4  Foobar
Formosa [Governor] camelfantasy  D5  Formosa
Danielston [Senator] mjpwwf  D7  Danielston Paisley Place
Utopia  [Premier]  Narnia17  D13  Utopia - Residential
 D14  Utopia
 D15  Utopia - Plano District
Bexley [Senator] autobus22  D18  Bexley Central
 D19  Bexley West
Paixton [Senator] mjpwwf  D22  Paixton
Deadbush  [Premier]  Mojang1014  D38  Deadbush - Quarryville
 D39  Deadbush - Johnston
Totem Beach [Senator] crimsonf0x  D44  Totem Beach Plaza


Frumple released a timelapse of the line when the server was in Minecraft 1.7.10.
MBS released a timelapse of the line as a part of its "Five Years Later" series.
MBN released a timelapse of the line in 2020.
Status Code Station name MRT connections
Central City
Dynmap Green Flag.png D1 Southwest Terminal  AX  MRT Arctic Line
 M1  MRT Mesa Line
 XW1  MRT Expo Line
 Ward 5 
Dynmap Green Flag.png D2 Sealane  M2  MRT Mesa Line
 XW2  MRT Expo Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png D3 Wallowyn  M3  MRT Mesa Line
 XW3  MRT Expo Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png D4  M4  MRT Mesa Line
 XW4  MRT Expo Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png D5 Formosa  M5  MRT Mesa Line
 XW5  MRT Expo Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png D6
Dynmap Green Flag.png D7 Danielston Paisley Place
Dynmap Green Flag.png D8
Dynmap Green Flag.png D9
Dynmap Green Flag.png D10 Musique - Spruce Mountain District
Dynmap Green Flag.png D11 Musique
Dynmap Green Flag.png D12
Dynmap Green Flag.png D13
Dynmap Green Flag.png D14 Utopia
Dynmap Green Flag.png D15 Utopia - Plano District
Dynmap Green Flag.png D16
Dynmap Green Flag.png D17
 Ward 7 
Dynmap Green Flag.png D18 Bexley Central
Dynmap Green Flag.png D19 Bexley West
Dynmap Green Flag.png D20
Dynmap Green Flag.png D21
 Ward 6 
Dynmap Green Flag.png D22 South Paixton
Dynmap Green Flag.png D23 Canre  C65  MRT Circle Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png D24 Mallison Snow Hill
Dynmap Green Flag.png D25
Dynmap Green Flag.png D26
Dynmap Green Flag.png D27
Dynmap Green Flag.png D28
Dynmap Green Flag.png D29
Dynmap Green Flag.png D30
Dynmap Green Flag.png D31
Dynmap Green Flag.png D32 Marsius
Dynmap Green Flag.png D33
Dynmap Green Flag.png D34
Dynmap Green Flag.png D35
Dynmap Green Flag.png D36
Dynmap Green Flag.png D37 Totsworth  M34  MRT Mesa Line
Dynmap Green Flag.png D38
Dynmap Green Flag.png D39 Johnston
Dynmap Green Flag.png D40
Dynmap Green Flag.png D41
Dynmap Green Flag.png D42
Dynmap Green Flag.png D43
Dynmap Green Flag.png D44 Totem Beach  OW23  MRT Oasis Line
 Ward 5 
future extension planned
Dynmap Pin.png DX (planned)  U123  MRT Union Line