Miu Wan Tseng Tsz Leng International Airport

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Miu Wan Tseng Tsz Leng International Airport

Airport typeCivilian
OperatorMiu Wan Airport Authority
ServesMiu Wan
New Miu Wan
Bing Tan
Miu Sai
Miu Rattler
Lin Fa Shi
Kwai Tin
Ngau Ling
LocationYuen Mun Province, Republic of Miu Wan
Hub forPaklong Hibernal
Sandstone Airr
BuiltOctober 2021 - August 2022
In useOctober 23rd 2021

Miu Wan Tseng Tsz Leng International Airport (IATA: MWT, ICAO: MWTL) (Chinese:廟灣井紫嶺國際機場) is an airport that serves Miu Wan and the surrounding towns in the Republic of Miu Wan.

Restricted Destinations

The following destinations are Restricted due to a large amount of airlines already having a flight to that airport:


This list also includes all helicopter and air facilities in Dong Nam Province, Sut Shan Province, Yuen Mun Province, New Miu Wan Municipality and Miu Wan Capital District.


Inception and Origins

One of Harbor's goals for Miu Wan was to not only get it to Governor but also to have several towns surrounding it so he could build a large airport, hopefully with 2 runways. Around May-June, people started building towns in the region as a part of the Republic of Miu Wan. Soon after in July, he would get Governor for Miu Wan.

Planning for the airport didn't start until August (although the name for the airport was chosen back in July). The initial plan saw the towns of Miu Wan, Hytown, Miu Rattler, Miu Sai, Miu Tung and Kyoto combining their airport spaces for the airport. However, Staff discussed the airport at the September GSM where they denied the airport due to Kyoto and Miu Tung being too south as well as the map being poorly designed.

It wouldn't be until early October where Harbor would try again this time with a better map and the exclusion of Kyoto and Miu Tung as well as the inclusion of New Miu Wan and Bing Tan. Unfortunately, this would be denied again due to the location being far too north. As such, Harbor decided on a more southern location which was approved by Narnia17 on October 22nd 2021. Construction on the airport would also begin on the same day.


At approximately 10-11am UTC+8, the groundbreaking ceremony of the airport was held where the first block was placed. Throughout the day, the airport would grow with the exterior of the main terminal being mostly complete by the end of the day as well as the bus terminal, carpark and a link road. The area had also been flattened to make way for expansions.

2 phases were planned: Phase 1 which would include Terminal 1: a terminal for small gates and its surrounding facilities. Phase 2 would be further south and include Terminal 2 which would be for large and medium gates as well as Terminal 3: which would be for Helicopters. This also included surrounding facilities such as carparks and bus terminals.

Opening of Phase 1

On October 23rd 2021, at 2:20pm UTC+8, Phase 1 of Miu Wan Tseng Tsz Leng International Airport opened for service with 60 gates. The first flight was PH888 from Lapis Bay to the new airport. Yet, some facilities such as franchises and lounges had yet to be built as well as some vegetation and public facilities though some of these were built later on in the day.

Many airlines expressed interest in getting a gate, however, there soon came an issue where some airlines were going to the same city most notably Deadbush. As such, the next day, a restriction was placed on flights going towards those airports. This restriction would expand later on.

Construction of Terminals 2 and 3

The apron of Terminal 2 was built by _fwis in singleplayer and would later be pasted in. Terminal 2 would be built by Harbor with assistance from other members. Eventually, Terminal 3 would start construction alongside Terminal 2.

However, the fallout of the October SSM led to a stagnation in activity among the builders, despite this, Harbor still went ahead constructing the rest of the terminals. By now, Terminal 2's Apron was in full operation and Terminal 2 was likely to start operation soon. Unfortunately, the bans on November 4th had a profound effect on Harbor's motivation and as such, he announced that the project had been halted indefinitely, alongside his other projects.

Despite this, Terminal 2 would be de-facto operational on November 7th 2021. Around the same time, Harbor would formally return to work on the project albeit with less motivation than before.

Both terminals would be de-facto operational by the end of the year. However, most of the facilities in Terminal 3 and some of the facilities in Terminal 2 were incomplete. The B95 extension had also not been completed.

Construction of Connector Roads

Throughout most of 2022, both the B95 and the Connector Road would be under construction. The B95 extension would be finished first, alongside Carpark 2 and a road connection to Miu Sai. The Connector Road would be completed in mid August.

Official Opening and Expansions

With the completion of the connector road, the airport would be officially fully operational on August 16th 2022. A ceremony was held in Terminal 2 where a plaque was unveiled. A few days later, the airport received its first formal expansion with 4 new Helipads.

The airport also opened a small private air terminal with just 3 small gates. A cargo terminal with 3 gates would open shortly after.


Miu Wan Tseng Tsz Leng International Airport has 3 main terminals: Terminal 1 is located on the Northern side of the airport while Terminals 2 and 3 are located on the Southern side. Additionally, there is a Private Air Terminal and a Cargo Terminal located west of Terminal 1.


Terminal 1

Concourse A

Gate Number Airline Destinations
1 Paklong Hibernal Lapis Bay Expo East Airport, Rattlerville Downtown Airfield, Niwen Airport, Sonder Regional Airport
2 Paklong Hibernal Hendon Gatwick Airport, West Mesa International Airport
3 Paklong Hibernal Leydon International Airport, Fort Yaxier International Airport
4 Paklong Hibernal Antioch-Bay Point Garvey International Airport, Titsensaki Regional Airport
5 Paklong Hibernal Espil Ecilidae Airport, Auburn Airport
6 Paklong Hibernal Riverside Airport, Grassbush Southland Airfield
7 Astrella Epsilon International Airport
8 Astrella Airchester Airfield, Richville International Airport
9 Astrella Aeolia Mixolydia Airstrip, Dekuville Harbor Airfield
10 Astrella Las Playas International Airport, Grassbush Southland Airfield, Cape Cambridge Orilla Regional Airport, Caravaca Airfield
11 Astrella Southoak South Plains Airport, Mason City International Airport, Creeperville International Airport
12A Paklong Hibernal Waterville Municipal Airfield, Peacopolis International Airport

Concourse A Remote Gates

Gate Number Airline Destinations
104 KaloroAir Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport, Nashville Helipad

Concourse B

Gate Number Airline Destinations
13 Paklong Hibernal Segville International Airport, Windus Aura Airfield
14 Paklong Hibernal Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport
15 ArcticAir Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport, Murrville-Arcadia International Airport, Mojangsburg-Pretoria Capital Airport, Auburn Airport
16 Sandstone Airr Oparia LeTourneau International Airport, Murrville-Arcadia International Airport, Riverside Airport
17 ArcticAir Caprica International Airport, Hendon Gatwick Airport
18 Sandstone Airr Chan Bay International Airport, Tom Paris-Richville City Airfield, Fort Yaxier International Airport
19 ArcticAir Oparia LeTourneau International Airport, Riverside Airport
20 Sandstone Airr Ilirea Midcity Airport, Kantō International Airport
21 Continental Airlines Charles Pearson New Mayton City Eastlake Airport
22 Sandstone Airr Polytan International Airport, Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport, Lapis Bay Expo East Airport, Windus Aura Airfield, Sunshine Coast Máspalmas International Airport, North Haven Riverside Airfield
23 Sandstone Airr Deadbush Valletta Desert Airport, Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport, San Reinoldi-Fernando Savater International Airport

Concourse C

Gate Number Airline Destinations
25 AcaciaAir
26 AcaciaAir
27 AcaciaAir
28 ArcticAir
29 Citrine Air Services Riverside Airport
30 ArcticAir Ottia Islands Cape Dios Airfield, Nymphalia Windus Aura Airfield
31 Citrine Air Services
32 Citrine Air Services
33 IntraAir Elecna Bay International Airport, Lapis Bay Expo East Airport
34 IntraAir Segville International Airport, Chan Bay International Airport, Grayzen National Airport
35 AirMesa Oparia LeTourneau International Airport, Chan Bay Municipal Airport
36 UtopiAir Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport

Concourse D

Gate Number Airline Destinations
37 BluAir Moramoa Mixed Martial Arts Airfield, West Mesa International Airport
38 South Weast Airlines Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport, Larkspur Lilyflower International Airport
39 Berryessa Airlines Antioch-Bay Point Garvey International Airport
40 National Airlines Titsensaki City Airport, Pasadena Airfield (Transit via TCB)
41 Cascadia Airways Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport
42 Clipper Airlines
43 Oceanic Langus Airways
46 Astrella Nuuk-Watford Regional Airport, Pixl Vinayaka International Airport, New Gensokyo Regional Airfield, Mojangsburg Suidplein Airfield
47 Astrella Larkspur Frankford Airfield, Gemstride Melodia Airfield, Woodsdale Municipal Airport, Geneva Bay New Indigo International Airport
48 Astrella Antioch-Bay Point Garvey International Airport, West Calbar Regional Airport, Anthro Island Airport, Anthony Fokker Regional Airport

Concourse E

Gate Number Airline Destinations
50 Michigana Windus Aura Airfield
52 AirNet UCWTIA, Auburn Airport
54 Transoceanique Air Lines Deadbush International Airport
56 KMA Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport, Peacopolis International Airport, Kantō International Airport, Murrville-Arcadia International Airport
57 ViaRapid Cape Cambridge Orilla Airfield, Fort Yaxier International Airport
58 FlyCreeper Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport
59 SkyTrans Union of Central Western Territories International Airport, Fort Yaxier International Airport, Kantō International Airport
60 FliHigh Airlines Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport, San Dzobiak International Airport

Terminal 2

Gate Number Airline Destinations
61 ArcticAir Birchview Leydon International Airport, Kantō International Airport
62 IntraAir Whitechapel Sky Harbor, Epsilon International Airport, Vermilion Gateway Airport
63 Sandstone Airr Rockaway Airport, Itomori Air and Space Port
64 ArcticAir San Reinoldi-Fernando Savater International Airport
65 Astrella Peacopolis International Airport, Fort Yaxier International Airport, Marblelake Heathrow International Airport, Union of Central Western Territories International Airport
66 Clipper Airlines Oparia LeTourneau International Airport
67 Paklong Hibernal Mountbatten International Airport, Kantō International Airport
68 Caelus Airlines Horizon National Airport
69 Paklong Hibernal Amphibio Airport Amphitheatre
70 BluAir Richville International Airport
72 FlyArctic Ilirea Midcity Airport
73 FlyCreeper Freedon Silverwood International Airport
74 National Airlines Titsensaki Sealerwhale International Airport
75 Astrella Deadbush Foxfoe Memorial Airport
76 Paklong Hibernal Kantō International Airport
77 AirNet Antioch Regional Airfield, Northernpass Airfield
79 Air Kanata George Jetson Cornwall City Airport, Itomori Air and Space Port
80 JiffyAir Parkland Frampton Airfield

Terminal 3

Gate Number Airline Destinations
83 MylesHeli Windus Aura Airfield
85 Neptune Helis
89 Paklong Hibernal Kahau Local Aerodrome, Atami Heliport, Kleinsburg Noord Airfield, Grassbush Heliport, New Gensokyo Regional Airfield, Moramoa Mixed Martial Arts Airfield
90 NWHeli Silverville Heliport, Kaloro City UNO Heliport, Winter Wind Heliport, Bearbury Heliport, Nibel Heliport, Oaksfield Provincial Helipad
91 NWHeli
92 Paklong Hibernal Chan Bay International Airport, Yatsuhashi Tsukumo Heliport, Penang Dragon Bay Heliport, Tung Wan Heliport
93 Paklong Hibernal
94 Sandstone Airr Zerez Capital Int. Airfield, Llanrwst Newydd, Singaport, Beningbury, Grassbush
96 Sandstone Airr Idk Heliport, Calgary Southern Heliport
97 Sandstone Airr South Bristol Helipad, Kenthurst Aerodrome, Parkland, Rattlerville Downtown Airfield, Tokyo Helipad
98 StevAir Stevis Island Helipad
102 RodBla Heli Sansvikk Kamprad Airfield

Private Air Terminal

Gate Number Airline Destinations
P2 Air Deadbush International Airport

Inter-Terminal Transport


A bus service connects Terminals 1 and 2 going via the Remote Gates.

People Mover

A people mover connects Terminals 1 and 2.

Ground Transport


ArcticRail currently operates services to the airport from Miu Wan South and Ngau Ling by Terminal 1. MWR has a hub at the airport with a station next to Terminal 1 with the Ngau Ling, Tsz Shui and Hong Tin lines connecting to it.

MWR and FrostyRail also serve Terminal 2/3 with the adjacent Miu Sai Transit Centre. MWR provides services to Miu Sai and Hytown. There is also the Yuutopia Line which has 3 stations in Terminal 2.


There are 2 MTR lines that operate to the airport. The first being the Airport Express connecting Austin Road in Luk Hom and Kau Heung Airport to TTL. The second being the Nim Tsui Line which connects to Pui To via stations in New Miu Wan. There is also through service between the Nim Tsui Line, the MWR Ngau Ling Line and the Smithfield Line at Pui To Station.


Terminal 1

Company Name Route Destination(s) Type
New World Ruff Bus 205 Pui To Central Local
New World Ruff Bus 950X Miu Wan Kau Heung Airport Local Express
BusNet 003 (Bing Tan Link) Bing Tan Local
Sandstone Buss AT SuperExpress Achowalogen Takachsin Inter-City Loop
Sandstone Buss Shuttle Bus Starling Bay (Miu Wan Downtown Heliport) Local Express
MylesBuses 301 Snowtrees Stoneedge Eurydome Waterport Inter-City
Caravacan Caravan Company 3 Hytown Local

Terminal 2

Company Name Route Destination(s) Type
aerobus Shuttle Miu Tung Bay Seaplane Port Local Express
aerobus Shuttle Miu Wan Downtown Heliport Local Express
Caravacan Caravan Company 3 Hytown Local
Azalea Shuttle Dogwood Madison Beach Cruise Center Inter-City Express
New World Ruff Bus 950X Miu Wan Kau Heung Airport Local Express
DLink Buses 1 Titsensaki City Airport Inter-City
DLink Buses 2 Savage City Inter-City
DLink Buses 3 Deadbush Inter-City
DLink Buses 4 Parkland Inter-City
DLink Buses 5 Tetrapolis Inter-City
DLink Buses 6 Winterville Inter-City
DLink Buses 7 Endor Inter-City
DLink Buses 8 Silverville Inter-City
DLink Buses 9A Lakeborough Inter-City
DLink Buses 10 Merritt Lakes Inter-City
DLink Buses 11 New Chandigarh Inter-City
DLink Buses 12 Welchett Inter-City
DLink Buses 13 Oparia LeTourneau International Airport Inter-City
DLink Buses 14 Central City Inter-City
MylesBuses 301 Snowtrees Stoneedge Eurydome Waterport Inter-City

Cable Car

A Cable Car: the Wo Au Shan Cable Car, connects the airport to Wo Au Shan in Lean Peak.

Station Name Station Code
Miu Wan Tseng Tsz Leng International Airport WAS01
Wo Au Shan WAS02


Carpark 1 serves Terminal 1 while Carpark 2 serves Terminals 2 and 3.