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Italiaso is a franchise (or restaurant) created by AdanWongCL2 at the day he got Member, 10th June.

Fun fact: It's first branch settled at Whitechapel before the HQ.

It is rapidly growing and AdanWongCL2 isn't even in the server as a member for a month.


HQ at Freedon at NE of {{st|x|F12|station=false}

1st branch at Whitechapel Corrigan at A13

2nd branch at BirchView Ocelot Street at C1/ZN13

3rd branch at Millennia Lapis Offices at N/E Station

4th branch at Mons Pratus at ZN4

5th branch at New Convenant at F22

6th branch at DesertView at east of XE26

7th branch at Kenthurst Xenonite Station at XW10

8th branch at Birdhall Centric Village at M27

9th branch at Utopia at D14

10th branch at Izumo Air Beach at C34

11th branch at Burnt Oak at M7

12th branch at Dabecco West at F9

13th branch at Kolpino City at M18

14th branch at Pasadena at A20

15th branch at Heights City Heights Mall at ZN14

16th branch at Whitechapel Waterfront Station at A12

17th branch/South-East Regional HQ Izumo Elderberry (unfinished) at C34

18th branch at Inverness at I16/C55

19th branch at Freedon Mytum Mores Food Court (unfinished) at NE of F21

20th branch at Glenbrook House Lane at M14

21st branch at Tetrapolis

22nd branch at Cortesi's 2nd town

23rd branch at Shadowpoint at NE of C6

24th branch at Ellesume at EN1

25th branch at Solarion at C15, C16/XE18, C17/XE19, C18/XE20

26th branch at Achowalogen Takachsin at XE11-XE14

27th branch at Achowalogen Takachsin at XE11-XE14

28th branch at Achowalogen Takachsin at XE11-XE14

29th branch at Freedon Susanna Square

30th branch at Sin_Slasher's town

31st branch at Lochminehead

32nd branch at Wythern

33rd branch at Segville

34th branch at DesertView

35th branch at DesertView, again

36th branch at Woodsdale

37th branch at ATC

38th branch at Paine Fields

39th branch at Whiteley

40th branch at Eastwood

41st branch at Sprucemount

42nd branch at Savacaci

43rd branch at Fairfax Street Mall, Central City

44th branch at Verdantium Mall

45th branch at Christi Station (RaiLinQ)

46th branch at Daneburg

47th branch at Venceslo

48th branch at Newton le Willows

49th branch at Pasadena

50th branch at Takasaki

51st branch at Richville

52nd branch at Antioch

53rd branch at Creeperville

54th branch at Gemstride

55th branch at Singlwurst

56th branch at Ilirea

57th branch at Creeperville Golf

Note that AdanWongCL2 has changed his name to soso123.


_alli DONE

Tom_Pairs NOT DONE Note: 4 or 3 custom ones


Express: For small plots, food courts and night markets, can contain a few seats and has no clay oven.

Normal: For medium plots, contains a clay oven and larger seats.

Large: For larger plots, contains more seats.

Two-Story: For plots that are ordered to be two floors, or the height problems and custom.

Two Story Standards: A standard of a two story restaurant.

Patio: Contains a patio and larger seats.

Balcony: Contains a balcony.

Three-Story: Three floors, will be used when ordered or height problems.

Premier: Very big, two floors, used at custom or when ordered.

We also have a stand-alone standard if wanted.


List of Versions of restaurants

Freedon HQ: Two-Story

Whitechapel Corrigan: Medium

BirchView Ocelot Street: Patio

Millenia: Medium

Mons Pratus: Two-Story

New Convenant: Express

Calico: Medium

Kenthurst: Medium

Birdhall: Medium

Utopia: Medium

Izumo: Medium

Burnt Oak: Premier

Dabecco: Sapphire, ENORMOUS Patio

Kolpino City: Medium

Pasadena: Premier

Whitechapel Waterfront: Two-Story

Izumo Elderberry: Regional HQ, Two-Story w/ Offices

Freedon Food Court: Express

Steve's town: Medium

Glenbrook: Two-Story

Tetrapolis: Express

Cort's 2nd town: Medium

Ellesume: Medium

Heights City: Medium

Shadowpoint: Medium

Solarion: Large

Achowalogen Takaschin: Express

Achowalogen Takaschin (2nd): Express

Achowalogen Takaschin (3rd) Express

Freedon Susanna Square: Custom

Sin_Slasher's town: Medium

Lochminehead: Medium

Wythern: Stand-Alone Standard

Segville: Stand-Alone Standard

DesertView: Stand-Alone Standard (2)

Woodsdale: Balcony

ATC: Normal

Paine Fields: Two Story Standard

Whiteley: Two Story Standard

Eastwood: Medium

Savacaci: Medium

Sprucemount: Medium

Fairfax Street Mall, Central City: Medium

Verdantium Mall: Medium

Christi Station: Express

Daneburg: Two Story

Venceslo: Normal

Newton le willows: Large

Pasadena: Stand-Alone Standard

Takasaki: Stand-Alone Standard

Richville: Two Story Standard

Antioch: Two Story Standard

Creeperville: Two Story Standard

Gemstride: Custom

Singlwurst: Custom

Ilirea: Custom

Creeperville Golf: Express

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1 Photo taken at Freedon, Susanna Square
2 Photo taken at Wythern
3 Photo taken at Paine Fields,  T42 
4 Photo taken at Whitechapel, Waterfront Station
5 Photo taken at ATC, Shopping Area
6 Photo taken at Lochminehead, SoCompany offices
7 Photo taken at Lochminehead, Shopping Mall