The Amazing Race 0

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The Amazing Race 0
DatesJune 14, 2014
No. of teams7
No. of legs2 (5 more planned)
Winning teamNone
Cities "visited"8 (17 more planned)
Season chronology
Followed byThe Amazing Race 1

The Amazing Race 0 is the test installment of the reality show The Amazing Race. It featured seven teams of two in a race around the MRT.

The season canceled after its first session, which finished in leg 2. It never finished and there was no winner declared.

The planned route of The Amazing Race Season 0; Green being the Starting Line, Purple being Pit Stops, and Orange being the Finish Line.
Yuki Mountain in southern Wishington was the starting line of The Amazing Race 0.


Name Country Team Color Team Name
KittyCat11231 United States of America Purple The GogoCats
gogojakeo United Kingdom Purple The GogoCats
hawksfan1010 United States of America Red CGHawks
computerghost United States of America Red CGHawks
Music3_0 Canada Blue Lameanatorz
colaja953 Australia Blue Lameanatorz
Max4344 United States of America Green The Space Monkey Mafia
jphgolf4321 United States of America Green The Space Monkey Mafia
Cortesi Italy Yellow CortYankees
samyankeesfan20 United States of America Yellow CortYankees
bspells United States of America Orange Wastemen
wilywonker United Kingdom Orange Wastemen
Soleurs United States of America Gray Tauqurs
tauqua United States of America Gray Tauqurs

Race summary

Destinations Plane.png Air travel   Train.png Rail travel   Ship.png Water travel    Bus.png Bus travel   Helicopter.svg Helicopter travel   Cable car.svg Cable car travel   Airship.svg Airship travel
Route markers Detour.png Detour   Roadblock.png Roadblock   UTurn.png U-Turn   Speed Bump.png Speed Bump   Pitstop.png Pit Stop
Icons placed after a location indicate the clue was picked up at this location,
while icons placed before a location indicate that the clue was picked up at a prior location.

Leg 1 (Wishington ➝ Spawn City & Robin's Hill ➝ Amphitheatre)

A difficult roadblock at the Wall of Signs in Spawn City would later become a Fast Forward option in The Amazing Race 6.

Leg 2 (Ampitheathre ➝ MineCity ➝ Zicronia ➝ Cyra ➝ Cenntenial)

Teams raced to the the Taj Mahal Stadium in MineCity.

Leg 3 (Cenntenial ➝ Morningside ➝ Foobar ➝ Riverend ➝ North Edge)

One side of the Detour would have had teams visiting the Dave's Doughnuts Factory in Riverend.

Leg 4 (North Edge ➝ New Delvin ➝ Sandstone Fair ➝ Oasis ➝ Terrin)

Teams would have completed a wipeout course in Sandstone Fair for this leg's Roadblock.
  • New Delvin (New Delvin Shipping Yard)
  • Railway: New Delvin (New Delvin Station (MRT)) to Sandstone Fair (Sandstone Fair Station (MRT))
  • Sandstone Fair (Music's Gems)
  • Roadblock: "Who wants to be Indiana Jones?" Sandstone Fair (Desert Wipeout)
  • Oasis (Viewing Point)
  • Detour: Deep Sea Divers or High Sky Jumpers Oasis (Oasis Bay or Tower of Power)
  • Terrin (Dock) Pit Stop: Leg 4

Leg 5 (Terrin ➝ Kitania ➝ Department of Defense ➝ Laurel)

Teams would have had to pick up a horse at the MRT Regional Airport to begin a slew of connections ending in Kitania.

Leg 6 (Laurel ➝ Atlantis ➝ Lighthouse ➝ Hamanei)

This leg's Detour would have taken place in Lighthouse.

Leg 7 (Hamanei ➝ Kipener ➝ Ghasts Stadium ➝ Tranquil Gardens)

There was a planned memory challenge at Ghasts Stadium involving the flags of the cities visited along the Race.