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Melon Shop

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Melon Shop
The Melon Shop Logo
Founder MikeRoma
Number of Stores 48
Headquarters Derpy Enterprises, Central City
Other Information
Parent Company Derpy Enterprises
Cost $20.00 Exceptions Made


Melon Shop is an MRT-wide store that sells, you guessed it, melons! MikeRoma is the founder of this marvelous shop and Derpy Enterprises is the mother company of Melon Shop. In Melon Shop you can buy a variety of different melons like baby melons and in some locations, ultra melons. Currently, Melon Shop is open for requests and will be built gladly. Sometimes it will take 1-4 days for the shop to be built. A plot for a Melon Shop must have a 4-block ceiling or else the shelves wont fit! All the tech in Melon Shop is proudly sponsored by iMorgan!
Sponsered by.png
Fill Out If You Want A Melon Shop:


# City Name MRT Station Mayor/Owner
1 Chestwick  A17 - A18  Retnol
2 Espil  C80 - C81  _InDev_
3 Armada  C107 - A26  Ardyan
4 Valletta None AEhub
5 Haskaa  M28  jdyhous
6 Formosa  XW5 - M5 - D5  camelfantasy
7 Dandenong  C2  MC_Dunc
8 Achowalogen Takachsin  XE11 - XE12  Tom_Pairs
9 Scarborough  V19 - P21  sesese9
10 Spring Valley None Architect_21
11 Utopia  D14  Narnia17
12 Royal Ferry  I2 - ZS2 - F2  MIKE24Dude
13 Whitechapel  A10 - A11 - A12  _frozen
14 Siletz  V13 - V14  MeetMeInSpace
15 Greenplain Heights  ZS3  j_universe0
16 Valemount  EN7  Canadian_K9
17 Benion  C3  Ben6331
18 Danielston  D7  mjpwwf
19 Waterville  A22 - A23  PtldKnight
20 Amestris  T17 - T18  MRT_KaizoKeiho
21 Central City Spawn Admods
22 Kenthurst  XW10  Aliksong
23 Llamahill  F19  dope_cheese
24 Newton-Le-Willows  C102 - T35  Patrick44_LFC
25 Vermilion  XW15  chiefbozx
26 Janghwa M.C.  M22  HanSangYoon
27 Dabecco  F10  Sirots
28 Washingcube  A15  nktrain
29 Castlecombe  ES8  CaptainChimpy
30 Golden City  XW6  goldenret
31 Utopia  D14  Narnia17
32 Matheson  I9  Detroit_Kitteh
33 Landside Hills  XE4  Derpy_Turtle
34 Bexley  D18  Autobus22
35 Schillerton None chiefbozx
36 Kolpino City  M18  MishkaMan
37 Dabecco  F10  Sirots
38 DesertView None lfpp003
39 Belvadere  C116  _dubs17
40 Greenhill None AyyLion
41 Espil  C80 - C81  _InDev_
42 Forest Lake  C117  ModernArt
43 Burnt Oak  M7  ModernArt
44 Izumo  C34  ModernArt
45 Shadowpoint None EliteNeon
46 Grayzen  XE3  cardinalland
47 ??? None CortesiRaccoon
48 Shadowpoint None EliteNeon
49 Spring Valley None Architect_21
52 Freedon None soso123
53 Fairfax-Atlanta Metropolitan Airport None kiwirainbow
54 Pine Mountain None BuildPilot
55 Fort Yaxier None camelfantasy
56 Spruce Hills None Kenta1561
57 SummerVille  F7  GrizzlyBearJulia
58 Laclede Airport Plaza IntraRail Station  T13  jphgolf4321
59 Welsbury None dragonbloon419

If Your Shop Was Left Out: Message Me In-Game Or Put It On The Discussions Page.