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An in-game screenshot of r/place

R/place (stylized in all lowercase) is a community build that was held during the January 2020 GSM on January 12, 2020, organized by MinecraftYoshi26. Starting when the GSM began, members were allowed to build on a flat, blank canvas at one y-level. It is based on the event of the same name that occurred on Reddit in April 2017.

The event was held on the Map World in the southeast corner, accessible by a warp from Central Park. The event took nine squares on the Map World, making the canvas 384 blocks by 384 blocks. It was open for building for 9 hours and 55 minutes, from 11 a.m. PST until the daily restart at 8:55 p.m. PST. During the event, various renders were periodically made to keep updating the image on Dynmap. WorldEdit was not allowed to be used on the canvas.

North of r/place was the podium for Frumple for the GSM and a physical three-by-three map for a live, overhead view. r/place currently houses the largest in-game map of the Old World MRT system.

On December 25, 2020, Frumple organized r/place2, a community event with the same premise that lasted 10 days and had a larger 25-square canvas.

r/place was nominated for a Glowlight Award under the "Outstanding Community Project" category and was featured during the segment "History Through r/place".

The following is a list of flags in r/place:

The following is a list of MRT players mentioned or had their likeness built in r/place:

The following is a non-comprehensive list of all other references in r/place: