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The Great Search is a server-wide searching challenge created by MinecraftYoshi26. Using complicated hints and puzzles, solving the puzzles will lead to a treasure, usually in-game money, to be won. The first one to find it wins the treasure (Treasure types are based off of difficulty of challenge). Usually, to win, you must either tell MinecraftYoshi26 the answer or leave it on the talk page or you must do something else to win the challenge. The challenge is similar to The Van Challenge and The Amazing Race.

Player Searches Won
KittyCat11231 24
_Kastle 14
godzilltrain 13
mine_man_ 7
Music3_0 6
hvt2011 2
jphgolf4321 2
Narnia17 2
AyyLion 1
Cookie46910 1
CortesiRaccoon 1
FredTheTimeLord 1
Gopher 1
MC_Protocol 1
megascatterbomb 1
Tom_Pairs 1
Total Searches 29
Challenge Opened Clues Given Explanation of Answer Location of Treasure Treasure Challenge Solver(s)
January 23, 2015 1. The splash of wine caused me to be overdue for eternity because I had shots fired.

2. The Wild, Wild West Airport.

3. I'm just going to give you the coordinates. -1208, 62, -1246

4. The MRTea on the hill near the pink trees.

5. Equestrian Racing in Spawn.

6. The well-known Indian building Stadium.

Hint: Each clue goes to a different location. All clues are in the old world.

1. Splash of Wine, Overdue for Eternity, and Shots Fired are all Whodunnit?'s episode titles, referring to the Whodunnit?'s Rue Manor. The clue shown there was "connect all".

2. Referring to the Wild West Checkers board and the Riverside Airport. The clue shown there was "the places".

3. These coordinates led to Rockaway city and had "on this".

4. The city of Hamanei has pink trees and and MRTea, where a clue was and told "adventure to"

5. Referring to the horse racing track at Harbourfront District near spawn. The clue told "show where"

6. Referring to the Taj Mahal Stadium in MineCity. The clue there said "on island"

The whole phrase in order tells "Connect all the places on this adventure to show where on island." Meaning, if all points were plotted on the map, the would show an arrow pointing south east, in the direction of Paradise Island, where the treasure was.

Paradise Island $200 Music3_0 & KittyCat11231
January 24, 2015

Hint: All clues are in the old world and are marked with an emerald block. Remember to draw conclusion to win.

1. Silver Spring - "Riverend - MRT Regional Airport"

2. Chuno (Chew-no) - "SCTC - Cyra"

3. Pegasus - "MRT Zoo - SCTC"

4. Hillside-Pagoda - "Gund Valley - DoD"

5. Lighthouse - "DoD - Ghasts Stadium"

6. Oasis - "Omerah Isles - Gund Valley"

7. Fairfax Fair Grounds (Amazing Race Finish Line) - "Ghasts Stadium - Omerah Isles"

8. Parkour City - "Arisa - MRT Zoo"

Once all papers collected, based off the hint, "draw" and connect all the lines from the papers to spell out "O14".

O14 $250 Music3_0 & KittyCat11231
January 24, 2015 Go to the corner of Cyra and Chesterfield.

Hint: Blue is new, red is old. Know the town, and the first "part" is needed. To find the place, look at the streets, the central ones only though, but be careful! There are many streets also named after MRT Cities. Also just to make you more confused, it's in the new world.

Central streets and Chesterfield and Cyra refer to the Central City intersection of Cyra and Chesterfield. At the location, there was a wall of heads, each spaced out in a strange way. The heads signified a player's town. If taken the first letter if each town (red glass for an old world town and blue for a new world town), it would spell out GO TO THE CAVE BEHIND YOU AND BREAK THE IRON. When going to the nearby cave and breaking the iron ore, there was the hidden treasure. Central City $200 Music3_0 & KittyCat11231
January 25, 2015 Find your Identity. It's the fourth one. MinecraftYoshi26 knows that it is.

Hint: Start in the old, end in the new. All clues are marked in with lime carpet. The answers are right in front of you.

Find your Identity, fourth one, and start in the old refer to Studio 4, "Identity", in the old world at Ghasts Stadium. Once inside the studio, there 12 pedestals, each with a country on it. To solve it, the first letter of the countries had to be connected with the large word in front of them, "IDENTITY" (India, Denmark, Egypt, Nigeria, Thailand, Italy, Turkey, Yemen) and knowing that order, taking the number of the pedestals into account also, in the back of the room, there were a set of numbers (1-12) and letters to correspond to the pedestals. But putting the numbered pedestals in order by the "IDENTITY" sequence, it would spell out XEMARINA, referring to the new world MRT Marina on the MRT Expo Line (XE).

Once there, the top of lifeguard towers were marked with light green carpet, as stated in the clue, and it gave the letters CFALCG. Unscramble them, and it spells CC FLAG, telling the Central City Flag Park.

Once there, an all-green flag was marked as "Covina (GS)" meaning, the next clue would be at Covina and GS stands for Great Search.

Once at Covina, inside the town hall, with once again lime green carpet, it showed a mountain with the message "Love And Live Aesthetically", referring to LALA (Initials of the phrase), which means lalaboy67's new world (as stated as "end in new") town of Kessler at the summit of the mountain, where the treasure would be found.

Kessler $300 Music3_0 & KittyCat11231
January 25, 2015 1. You must pay for Tom_Pairs' deaths expenses.

2. Dirty Five, Colon Sicks.

3. Sorry, Flight LI70 is delayed.

4. Goodbye $571,057, I'll try to win 10K next time.

5. Past Image 2.

6. Moo. Moo. Moo.

7. You cannot eliminated this limb.

8. I'm just going to give you the coordinates. -2144 116 2715

Hint: All of them are in the old world and are marked by emerald blocks. The first first matters.

Note: If you find the treasure without the first 8 clues, you may not collect the treasure.

1. Referring to Tom_Pairs' murder mystery in 2013, where the murder scene was in Audenville. - Four

2. Read aloud, it sounds like "35:6" which is the ID for pink wool, referring to Hamanei. - Teenage Dream

3. The flight of L170 is found at the MRT International Airport, which is also delayed. - The Pinkprint

4. $571,057 refers to the money lost on the Million Emerald Drop, which is at Ghasts Stadium. - Beatles For Sale

5. Past Image 2 is referring to an old The Great Search where the answer to image 2 was Chuno. - 1989

6. Referring to red cows, which are mooshrooms, meaning at Mycelium. - One Of The Boys

7. Referring to a leg, a non-elimination leg on the amazing race in North Edge. - One Of The Boys

8. The coordinates lead to Eisitasi. - B'Day

All are album titles and in the clue originally, "The first first matters" refers to the first letter of the first song in the album, and if put in the other of clues, it spells out the location of the treasure in Stanwood.

Stanwood $200 6687kittycat
January 26, 2015 00101101 01010100 01101111 00100000 01000110 01101111 01110010 00100000 00110101 00101100 00100000 01010011 01101001 01100011 01101011 01110011 00100000 01010100 01100101 01100101 00100000 00110101 00101100 00100000 00110111 00100000 01010100 01110010 01100101 01100101 00100000 00110000

Hint: All of it is in the old world. 6th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 21st, 24th.

The binary translates to -To For 5, Sicks Tee 5, 7 Tree 0. If read aloud, it gives the coordinates of -245, 65, 730 which is the location of the Atlantis Defense Force Dry Dock. Inside both hangars, there was a set of signs that if both sets are overlapped over each other, it gives the message of "MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE ORANGE AND YELLOW LINE OVERLAP AND IT IS FOUR AND TWO". Meaning, Y4/O2, Foobar.

At Foobar, there was an underground passage to a room that had the message of "MAKE YOUR WAY INTO MY TASLONLP 26". If using the hint of the 6th, 8th, 9th, and so on, The message reads: "MAKE YOUR WAY INTO MY TASLONLP 26". It read Orwyn Mall 26 (Shop #26).

At Orwyn-Mall's shop 26, a sign was on the outside that said "Excess is useless. Take only one." and bunch of villagers could be found and each is renamed a letter. Using the sign, ignore the excess letters for doubles and the letters are NQITALRU. If unscrambled, Tranquil could be spelt, referring to Tranquil Gardens.

Tranquil Gardens $250 Music3_0 & KittyCat11231
January 27, 2015 Em Em Dee El Ex Ex Eye Eye Eye, El Ex Eye Eye Eye, Em See See See El Vee Eye Eye Eye. Then, exactly there, 45E, 5N, 6W, 17N, and look around for tiki.

Hint: Look carefully and when in doubt, wash it away. All of it is in the old world.

The sequence given in the clues, if read out loud, gives a set of letters, that, if translated from Roman Numerals to actual numbers, it gives coordinates that lead to Arisa. After, going 45 blocks east, 5 blocks north, 6 blocks west and 17 blocks north, there is a vantage point over the city, and on one of the buildings is printed "TIKI", which inside, a row of chests can be found.

Inside the chests, many books have dashes and dots in them, and if put in the right order, it is read, --. --- / - --- / - .... . / .-- .. -.- .. / .- -. -.. / --- -. / - .... . / .--. .- --. . / --- ..-. / - .... . / --. .-. . .- - / ... . .- .-. -.-. .... / -.-. .-.. .. -.-. -.- / --- -. / . -.. .. -, which translates to "Go to the wiki and on the page of The Great Search click on edit". When clicking on edit, at the top of the page, hidden in the page, it says "Do the Amazing Race task before the road block of Leg 4." which leads to Mycelium.

At Mycelium, in the location of The Amazing Race challenge, a bunch of mooshrooms can be found, and only three are renamed the next location of "MRT Zoo Amphitheater". At the Zoo, if looking carefully at the amphitheater, the torches read "R13", Audenville.

At Audenville, there was a layer of snow next to the letters of "GS", referring to Great Search. If poured water on (indicated by the clue of "Look carefully and when in doubt, wash it away.") the words "Isabel Cathedral" are shown, leading to Eisitasi, where the treasure was.

Eisitasi $200 6687kittycat & Tom_Pairs
January 29, 2015 Dosochoseisnueve, seistres, negativodosunodossiete (New)


Part 1 : 4-3-3-5-4-4-3-5-5-4-3 = (e.g.) Zero One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten

Part 2 : + & 1 = A & Plug into [XX XX X XX]

Part 3 & 4: No hints! Good luck.

All places are marked by light-green items.

The clue given, if spaced out correctly and translated from Spanish to English says: 2869, 63, -2126, which are the coordinates of the new world Marina. At the Marina, there are two rooms, each with a wall of sign that is 5x5 and has a bunch of MRT places on them and above each wall is a set of numbers (one set is 10-3-4-5 and the other is 3-5-2-6-2-7). To find out the correct two places, recognize that the clue in part 1 means that the number of letters in the words corresponds to the number in the sign above the wall. If spotted, the correct two locations are Huntington Old Bell Tower and The Mouth Of The Statue Of Kessler.

At Kessler, the numbers read 1810975 and the numbers at Huntington is 8949. If added (directed by the clue as part 2) the number is 1819924. Using the spacing given, it is spaced as 18 19 9 24. If using the hint of 1 = A and noticing that the numbers correspond to letters in the alphabet, it spells out RSIX, referring to R6, Greater West Spawn, in the old world.

At R6, in a nearby empty building, there are lines of green and red glass that if the same colors are lines up, the green reads ZAQUAR and the red reads GEMS (S was sideways). That points to the Music's Gems large casino in Zaquar.

In the casino, there are a set of ten people, and in the middle, it reads "Five people in this room are lying. Find out who." Each person in the room was renamed a location on the MRT with a statement above their head. If figured out which statements are true and false, the correct person is Covina, where the treasure is.

Covina $300 6687kittycat
January 30, 2015 Please shorten:

America: (-)May 6th, 2049

Y: 74

United Kingdom: (-)September 42nd, 2007 (Please disregard the zero)

Hint: Where it's cold, the IDs will translate to the alphabet.

All places are marked by light-green items and the whole race is in the new world.

Information lost... Zaquar $200 Music3_0 & KittyCat11231
February 6, 2015 ε

Hint: All clues are marked with light green and are in the new world.

Information lost... Marblegate $200 Music3_0 & KittyCat11231
December 26, 2015 Your first hint:
  • It's at Central Park, inside, on a table. Rearrange them.

Other clues, they are shuffled and to be used later:

  • First! First!
  • Spot the difference (4). Break and look under and replace it. (The streetlights don't count)
  • Mistranslations, Town Hall
  • File:Capitals.png
  • Addressed to this

Hint: All clues are in the new world.

At Central Park, there was a set of letters on the table in the Welcome Center and those could be rearranged to spell "Christmas Tree".

At the Christmas Tree, there was a present addressed to "The Great Search", inside, was a line of flags. The flags were: Botswana, Egypt, Japan, Norway, Namibia, Palau, Finland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and Gabon. Using the "Capitals" hint, the capitals were: Gaborone, Cairo, Tokyo, Oslo, Windhoek, Ngerulmud, Helsinki, Abu Dhabi, London, Libreville. With that, the "First!" clue tells to take the first letter to spell out GCTOWNHALL. Using the "File:" part of the clue, a picture of Gold City can be found.

At Gold City, using the "Spot the difference" clue, differences could be seen between the picture and the building, such as a corner changed, the road striping, the flowers, and a slab. Under those was the letters G-W-N-A, and if rearranged, NWAG.

At the Northwestern Association of Governments building at spawn, a sign could be found that said "Than E. Fien was fishing while golfing with fishes while sipping soda". The sentence are referring to people: ThaneFein, mikefishr, jphgolf4321, mikefishr, colaja953. Inside the building was a bunch of desks of people and their towns, and if match correctly gave this: Xandar, Ilirea, Laclede, Ilirea, and Arendale. Using "First!" again, since it was repeated, it spells out Xilia.

At Xilia, a sign could be found in the town hall that was mistranslated, as stated in the last non used clue. The sign above said "Xilia has opened a new bank", though the sign below in French was translated to "The end is near the mansion of a fruit that is heavy", which refers to the manor near Appleton.

Appleton $300 KittyCat11231 & _Kastle
December 27, 2015 Your first hint:
  • Find your Identity. It's the fourth one. MinecraftYoshi26 knows that it is. (seems familiar, doesn't it?)

Other clues, they are shuffled and to be used later:

  • First! First!
  • It's at the town hall
  • End with the people
  • Read going North
  • Opposite of a last Great Search clue

All places are marked by light-green.

The first hint was the same exact clue as the one given on January 25, 2015. It led to Studio 4 at Ghasts Stadium. Once inside the studio, there 12 pedestals, each with a armor stand with a player head, a block, and each labeled with a number. To solve it, the first letter of the blocks had to be connected with the large word in front of them, "IDENTITY" (Ice, Dark Oak Wood, End Stone, Note Block, Torch, Iron Ore, TNT, and Yellow Wool) and knowing that order, taking the number of the pedestals into account also, in the back of the room, there were a numbers pointing other numbers (for example, 11 -> 8). After ordering the order of the numbers, the numbers had to be shifted to the numbers in the back of the room, and then, the heads had to be looked at and the first letter of the players on the armor stand, and if arranged correctly, spelled out Stanwood.

At Stanwood, the pillars of the MRT were changed to different blocks, and if taken the first letter, the pillars spelled out Gare Orsay, in Saint Roux.

At Saint Roux, using the "Opposite of a last Great Search" clue, there were six capitals hidden by villagers' names. The clue from the last great search had to be reversed to find the countries and find the first letter of those countries (Cambodia, Oman, Romania, Nigeria, Uruguray, and South Sudan), which spelled out Cornus.

At the Cornus' town hall, a sign could be found that said "NOTICE: On February 2, 2013, this United States Navy SEAL and the most lethal sniper died, with over 160 kills officially confirmed by the D.O.D. It referred to Chris Kyle.

At Laclede's Chris Kyle Memorial Stadium, the scoreboard was changed green and stated B8, Sandstone Fair, where the prize was.

Sandstone Fair $300 KittyCat11231 & _Kastle
December 28, 2015 1. The brewery at a Pit Stop.

2. Find a pixel art book, it's near the center.

3. "Old Market" (New World)

4. Let's get lost in a automated fight!

5. Skelezomperman, Casey_Jones3, gogojakeo, the list goes on.

6. The candy room, it's at the center.

7. A similarity between the Happy Camper Challenge (well, as a trick) and The Not A Van Challenge...choose The Not A Van Challenge.

Hint: Each clue goes to a different location. All clues are marked with light green. The wiki is your friend.

1. The clue points to Whitechapel's district of Sheepshead where a brewery was.

2. The pixel art book was at the spawn of the Games world.

3. The Old Market was in Elecna Bay, which could be searched up on the wiki.

4. In PvP Arena #6, Labyrinth, the clue was on the wall.

5. The list of crossed off people are the first three people killed in the first season of Whodunnit?. At Rue Manor for season one, it where they found the clue.

6. At Central Park, there is a secret easter egg cave containing a bunch of heads that look like candies.

7. Sealane was a trick location in the Happy Camper Challenge and a right location in The Not A Van Challenge. Since it advised to take the Not A Van Challenge, it was at Base 9.

At each location, there was a strip of wool. If all aligned correctly in the order of hints, it would show "ε", referring to the Epsilon Theatre in Airchester.

Airchester $200 godzilltrain, KittyCat11231, & mine_man_
December 29, 2015 Your first hint:
  • The beautiful gems are in the underground portion. The station is the CEO of LeafCorp, but ignore the repeats.

Other clues, they are shuffled and to be used later:

  • Feel it to find it.
  • Fly IntraAir to
  • Whose sign doesn't make sense anymore?
  • Do the opposite of a part of yesterday's yesterday's Great Search.
  • Don't take them as pairs.
  • All places are marked by light-green and are on the new world.
The "beautiful gems" refer to Music's Gems. The CEO of LeafCorp is sesese9, and if the repeat "se" are taken out, it is phonetically C9, Huntington. At the Music's Gems Basement location (underground) were letters on the multiple gem stands. Each clerk had a different block underneath them, and if taken the letters on those pillars on that order, the phrase "NPRIDEWALL" could be seen, referring to Nippia's Pride Wall.

Using the clue "Whose sign doesn't make sense anymore?" at the Pride Wall, a duplicate wall with the heads switched around could be seen. bestmate66's sign said "Same." with an arrow pointing below on the normal wall JohnNotTech, which said "Bisexual. I think.", which was what he identifies as, but on the changed wall, it pointed to MeetMeInSpace who identifies as gay. Using the other clue with the YouTube video by MBS, bestemate66 was talked about with his city being given away. That led to Saint Roux.

At Saint Roux, there was a stand for fruit covered in green, and the apple in the item frame was renamed "2000 lbs mansion", referring to a previous clue that lead to Appleton.

At the mansion, a green path inside the mansion could be followed to find a room with tables with different heads that looked like pastries and sweets. On the window could be seen an array of sweets and specific quantities. The tables had to be looked on for those quantities and the letters that corresponded to each table would be lined up, and it all spelled Segville Park.

At Segville Park, a line of flags were lined up (Oman, Zambia, Senegal, Tajikstan, Sierra Leone, and Pakistan). Using the clue "Do the opposite of a part of yesterday's yesterday's Great Search.", the capitals' last letters spelled the next location, TAREND, referring to the end of The Amazing Race in Kessler.

At the Kessler Cathedral, a layer of carpet could be found, and using the "feel it to find it" clue, if walked over the carpet, fences could be felt in the incline when stepping on it. It spelled "EBI" referring to the Elecna Bay International Airport.

At EBI, the departure boards were emerald blocks, and using the "Fly IntraAir to" clue, the only sign that said that was to gate A3. A3 did not refer to the gate, but to the MRT station, Ashmore.

At Ashmore, a building had lime stained glass stating "0:09" and "1:15.5", referring to the timestamps in the YouTube video clue. Those times referred to anchor KittyCat11231 saying in the video "thomasfyfe" and "town". It referred to the end at thomasfyfe's town of Falloway.

Falloway $300 godzilltrain, KittyCat11231, & mine_man_
December 30, 2015 Your first hint:

Other clues, they are shuffled and to be used later:

  • Remove "al"
  • Find the difference to find the truth.
  • New World Towns, well, the first.
  • Well, on the wiki, CortesiRaccoon could tell you where to find it.
  • Look from the topmost.
  • All places are on the new world.
  • You might need to backtrack at the end of all this.
The image shows Janghwa City's mall. At the mall, inside the U Tech, was a block renamed "Find the hay bale", referring to CortesiRaccoon's quote in The Amazing Race 3, which led to the John Deere Tractor Services in the Sheepshead District of Whitechapel.

At Whitechapel, the tractors had different signs all relating to different places. Using the "Find the difference to find the truth." clue, the tractor with a difference was the correct sign that led to the next destintation, Wazamawazi's Trainside Park south of Queen Maxima Station.

At Trainside Park, there was a sign that said "Welcome to Trainside Park at Marblegate's Eye", leading to Marblegate.

At Marblegate, looking from the top of the wheel, "ZS30" could be seen with a image of a small colored tower. It referred to the Zaquar and its unfinished wool tower near the airport.

At Zaquar, player heads were lined up (kiwirainbow, mikefishr, Duechayapol, SuperLenn, mikefishr, RLcrafters, Benie, and CortesiRaccoon) and with the clue about "New World Towns, well, the first.", the first letters of the town of those people created MISSISSA, referring to Mississa Bay.

At Mississa Bay, the word "GS" could be seen made out of cal76 heads. Using the clue "Remove 'al'.", it pointed to C76, Falloway.

At Falloway, a wooden house that seemed out of place could be found with a sign that said "Find the replica of this where new guests could be found.", referring to spawn, Central Park, where an exact copy of the house could be found.

Inside the house at Christmas Central Park, a sign could be said "Have you found all of these? You should go back for them.", pointing to an item frame with a renamed lever with it. At every location, a rotated lever in an item frame was renamed a letter, and putting those in order would produce XEMARINA, referring to the MRT Marina on the New World.

At the MRT Marina in the New World, the treasure could be seen in a enclosed building. Following arrows, a nearby door was marked "Great Search", and inside was a set of eight levers in item frames. The levers had to be turned to each rotation the past levers at each location were. If all were rotated correctly, the way to treasure would be opened.

MRT Marina, New World $250 jphgolf4321 & Gopher
January 10, 2016
  • The "M"'s not official, but it's the full name
  • To be used near the end:
  • All hints are marked with light green.
The imgur link's first picture's coordinates in the Games World was at the "Russia" Studio, an abandoned game by HanSangYoon. At the building marked by a lime banner, inside were armor stands at seats, each with a different users' head on it, with all the heads shown in the second picture in the link. At the door, there was a sign that said "Mumble: Random Silence Interludes". In mumble, the comment of the channel stated a second imgur link: If compared with the actual table set, the people were switched around, and if the changed people were translated to their corresponding letter, then the abbreviation CCMA could be found, where the clue regarding the M could be applied. CCMA or more known as CCA, refers to the Crystal City Municipal Airport.

At the airport, blocks corresponding to letters could be found. In the first image of the link provided, blocks could be seen in the inventory, and if applied the letters, the blocks spelled out "ATSPACE", referring to the Achowalogen Takachsin Space Port, where the clue could be found at the station.

At the station, a list numbered sentences could be found (The "/" represents a line break):

1. Bay Area Rapid Transit / Amazing Race 2

2. 2012-09-20 22.42.34 / by kekkomatic

3. $725,353 gone! / Game's color

4. Don't overlook negligible details. / Old World = OW

5. Have a raw salmon! / Amazing Race 3

6. Whodunnit? computerghost. / Goodbye mayor.

7. Birchwood Tower, "C" / Amazing Race 3

They each directed to a different location:

1. Refers to BART Whitechapel Stadium feauted in The Amazing Race 2.

2. The numbers were in a screenshot format, and if searched as a file on the wiki, a picture by kekkomatic could be found with coordinates at Arisa.

3. Referring to The Million Emerald Drop studio at Ghasts Stadium. If the green lever, the color of The Great Search, was pulled, the drop would open.

4. The sentence's acronym is DOND, referring to Deal or No Deal in the Old World.

5. Refers to the raw salmon given to racers at Huntington.

6. Refers to Murder Mysteries where computerghost was the murderer and the mayor of the town where the clues were, Tom_Pairs, was murdered. It was at Audenville.

7. The Birchwood Tower was visited in The Amazing Race 3 and the final challenge held there had an imgur link that were alphabetically labeled. Image C was Sealane. Sealane's Base 9 was the correct place.

At each location was an armor stand with a persons' head and wearing lime leather armor. If the peoples' heads were translated via the second image in the original imgur link to "ESRLMCT" If put into the tinyurl link, it showed a text document saying "BREAK UNDER CENTER OF RUSSIA", referring to breaking the block in the middle of Russia Studio that was visited at the beginning. If broken, the treasure could be found.

Russia Set, Games World $300 _Kastle, KittyCat11231, & mine_man_
January 16, 2016
  • X: (7)(E) + (5)(F)6
  • Y: sqrt(6A + 9B)
  • Z: 1D1 + 3C + (7)(B)
  • If you don't know what it is yet, ignore it. (I'll just tell you, remove the letters and the math symbols for now.)
  • Start in old, end in new.
  • What is the new one?
The clue "If you don't know what it is yet, ignore it. (I'll just tell you, remove the letters and the math symbols for now.)" refers to removing the letters and subsequently the letters giving the coordinates 756, 69, 1137 on the old world, at the Inchmuir Space Agency. The sign there said (EAST HQ). At each location specified, a block was changed differently from the original picture. The blocks at each location were corresponding to a ten by ten wall at the EAST HQ and each of those corresponded to a number on the board. If those numbers were plugged into the original equation, they would be lead to the final location in the new world, and would be read like so:
  • X: (7)(16) + 5(3)6 = 3757
  • Y: sqrt(689 + 937) = 40
  • Z: 1431 + 351 + (7)(37) = 2041
3757, 40, 2041 (New World) $250 godzilltrain, KittyCat11231, & _Kastle
January 30, 2016 Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

The first video was of Arisa. At Arisa, a floating board with wool on it could be seen. To solve the puzzle, the colors had to be separated to their original colors. For example, purple would be red and blue. If all the colors were taken out like layers, it would spell out times in videos. (What it looked like: The times on the corresponding videos went to four different places: the Central City Admod Building, Wishington-PVP's Arena 2, High Hoopsville, and Mole Island. At each of those locations, a letter could be found, and altogether spells out BETO, referring to B2, North Edge.

At North Edge, on top of the station was the two signs: "Who was Derpy_Melon trying to kill? (First Letter)" and "Number of people wearing this head: (pointing to a chicken head)". With the MBS video in Step 3, _MajorMagpie_ was trying to be killed and there were three chickens, making M3, Wallowyn.

At Wallowyn's MRT station, signs could be found saying phrases, which were music lines found in MinecraftYoshi26's music list, as indicated by Step 4. They were:

  • Staring at the blank page before you. (Unwritten, Day 1)
  • With shiny smiles and plastic bodies. (To All Of You, Day 5)
  • Are we in the clear yet? Are we in the clear yet? (Out Of The Woods, Day 64)
  • Do what you want but you're never gonna break me. (Pocketful of Sunshine, Day 63)
  • Lay me down on a bed of roses. (If I Die Young, Day 21)
  • I was born in a thunderstorm. (Alive, Day 9)

Taking the first letter of each song would spell out Utopia. At Utopia's MRT station, atop was signs in a C formation saying "-78" with a sign that said "+" in the middle. Adding the total numbers from the days and subtracting 78 would give out 85. With the C formation, it led to C85, Xandar, where the treasure was.

Xandar $400 _Kastle, CortesiRaccoon, mine_man_, & KittyCat11231
February 12, 2016 At the buildings in between Cyra, Wishington, Owasso, and Cytus. (seems somewhat familiar, doesn't it?)

NOTE: MOST clues are marked with light green. All clues are at the center.

Information lost... Spawn City $300 _Kastle, godzilltrain, & KittyCat11231
April 2, 2016 Your first hint:

Other clues, they are shuffled and to be used later:

  • Search the tables, it's 2015 and it's the Great Search.
  • Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter Letter
  • Letters are layers.
  • Just put a "T" at the end.
  • Please show me your ID.
  • The flag park may help. (Sometimes take the first letters)
  • NOTE: MOST clues are marked with light green.
In the video link, it featured Laclede, and at the stadium, there was a sign that said "MORSE CODE". If the video's flashing green was translated, it would spelled out "KONAWA", directing to the town of Konawa on the MRT Circle Line.

At Konawa, the region stated an imgur link: The link shows shots from Hunters and Runners, and at each location (Tanzanite, Miningstone, Paradise Island, Spawn City, Cacha Academy, and Scotstounhill) was a sign that said numbers. If take those as IDs and taken the third letters, as indicated by clues, it would spell out Avalon.

At Avalon, a board would be found with translating the items of the IDs that were found earlier with numbers and a second board that included original and new translations. If translated correctly, it would spell out TAR3PIT8, referring to The Amazing Race 3's Leg 8 Pit Stop of Whitechapel.

At Whitechapel, using the "letters are layers" clue, a stack of wool had to be seperated by layer that spelled out "Find Yoshi." When going to Yoshi, Yoshi was wearing a banner as a hat, which was the flag of Jeeka.

At Jeeka-Zwanenburgt, the Sonamu had a sign that said "Month" on table 12 and "Day" on table 27. If using the "it's 2015 and it's the Great Search" part of the clue, the date of December 27, 2015's prize location was indicated as the next place.

At Sandstone Fair there was a set of flags, which if gone to the flag part, would be identifiable, and if taking the first letter and adding the T at the end, as indicated by the clue, it let to spell out Alcraft, the place of the treasure.

Alcraft $400 godzilltrain, mine_man_, & KittyCat11231
April 17, 2016
  • Check outside of The Frumples 2016.
  • For later.
  • All the clues are in the new world. Well, except for the final place in Spawn City.
Outside the MRT National Theatre was a set of flags, and at each city was a green letter that spelled out Xilia. At Xilia, there was a wall of signs, each with a clue from a Not A Van Challenge. Each of those places also had a clue that said MANORS5, referring to the Mole Island where Season 5 had letter stacked in front of each other where if taken apart would spell Espil, referring to the city. In a plot, there was a layer of snow, and if poured water on (like a sign said behind the flags at the beginning to do), a secret message would appear stating "Highlight the page". If the original clues were highlighted with the mouse, a secret "Well, except for the final place in Spawn City." would appear after the new world clue. At Spawn Station (told to check the station at the snow), the CURRENT EVENTS board was green and was advertising new world cities, such as Konawa, Saint Roux, New Phoenix, Storalisburg, and Falloway. At each location had an MRT station that rearranged to spell UTOPIA BASEBALL where the treasure was. Utopia $300 godzilltrain, _Kastle, & KittyCat11231
May 8, 2016 Your first hint:
  • 1000, 100, 1000

Other clues, they are shuffled and to be used later (Some are useless):

At each of those coordinates in all world (excluding staff world) was the letters that spelled Sesby. At Sesby, there were new flags that if taken the first letter of those towns, it would spell Marblegate. At Marblegate and the Pit Stop clue, at the Marblegate Cathedral, there was a white cross referring to Whitechapel and it said "Moo" referring to the cow patch, where a green tractor could be found. Inside the tractor, it said "go to the old world one", referring to Pecos. There, there were sheep named numbers and letters referring to the periodic song link and the letters spelled out Valemount. At Valemount, in sesese9's office, as stated the clue, there was a fake treasure that told teams to go to Huntington and search the certain shops and take the heads off the cashiers to find letters that rearranged to Armada. There, the treasure was boxed in and if placed all cities visited, it would open the treasure.

False clues:, In the bank, and Song list

Armada $300 godzilltrain, mine_man_, _Kastle, & KittyCat11231
May 23, 2016

Please follow these steps in order:

  • 1.
  • 2. Name of the tallest building
  • 3. Pit Stop
  • 4. Episode 4
  • 5. Location of the treasure
  • 6.
  • 7. Pier restaurant
  • 8. Repeat if necessary
  • 9. Break the red wool
The link to the google docs referred to a translator key. The first link showed a Deal or No Deal studio in the Games World, with the words "Old World" on it, referring to the one by BossOfGames. There, if figured out the heads that were placed wrong and translated them to the code specified to the image title, it spelled out Cornus. At Cornus, it told to find the tallest building. The tallest building was the Sonamu. If translated that to the number specified on a sign there, it spelled Siletz. At the Pit Stop, as said in Step 3, there would be another tinyurl link that was the Whodunnit? (season 1) picture of the manor. The fourth episode was at the Isle of Failure. There, at the volcano, if pressed the button, it said another link that of a fake clue in a past on, where at the treasure at Armada there was another link that gave an image of Zaquar's airport runway. There, a sign had to be translated via the set as indicated in the title of the picture and spelled out Farwater. At the Pier Restaurant, it said to translate all the tinyurl links to a certain code to get new pictures, and they spelled out "Where Is John Looking?" Using the repeat clue, if gone back to the Deal or No Deal Studio, JohnNotTech's head was facing a door, and when broken the red wool behind that door, revealed the treasure. Spawn City $250 godzilltrain, KittyCat11231, & _Kastle
June 5, 2016

  • Almost all clues are on the Old World.
  • The safe is at the MRT Mail Hub plot.
  • Some clues are marked with light green.
Information lost... Redstone Valley $300 godzilltrain, KittyCat11231, & _Kastle
August 31, 2016 Your first hint:
  • What is wrong with UTOPIA?

Other clues, they are shuffled and to be used later (Some are useless):

  • Who came in third place in the one with the phrase? Take the closest name and find their main New World town.
  • Left, right, left, left.
  • Shift all the heads over by one.
  • Use a map. Then, find the stadium and use another map.
  • Check the drinks upon the table.
  • 6/25/13
  • Sadly, you'll have to guess the last digit of the four digit code.
  • Some clues are marked with light green.
  • North of the embassy. Then, search for the beacons.
  • Waffle House.
  • What is making the sound? Search it on the wiki.
  • Look at the advertisement carefully.
Information lost... Snowtopic $300 KittyCat11231 & godzilltrain
September 24, 2016 Total:

1. Shift the metro station 5 times.

2. company based in Wampanoag - Yachts

3. Search the Floating Lands.

4. /pa 1

5. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden for sports

6. 👍⚐✞✋☠✌ 💣✋☠✋📫☝⚐☹☞

7. Inside the most famous spot of 1 2 3 5

8. Check the Central City Flag Park.

Shuffled additional clues:

🏮 ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ 🏮 refers to sea lanterns surrounding black wool with some colored wool intermixed.

1. The bold words refer to Arisa's Shift Zone 5 Metro Station where if you pressed a button, it rotated a series of blocks that eventually showed the sequence.

2. Refers to Pegasus Yachts - Yachts = Pegasus

3. Referring to /pa 12's arena where it was hidden below an island.

4. Going to /pa 1 showed one hidden barely beneath the lava.

5. All of those countries are Nordic countries, referring to the Nordic Arena in Whitechapel.

6. Translating from the font Wingdings spelled Covina mini-golf (P9).

7. Using the chart, it referred to Spawn City and Spawn Station where sea lanterns were placed on the map.

8. Hidden in the water was the clue.

Since it said "Total", if added the number of wool blocks up and checked the google doc tables it led to Ghasts Stadium. There, a sign stated "Control F (V)" meaning if done on the google doc and using the surround clue, North Edge was surrounded by cities with a V. At the town hall, there was columns of wool indicating yet again the spreadsheet where the first letters spelled out Orwyn. At the house of four (Ménage à trois translates to house of three + 1 = 4) people living there, in the basement, there was cities that had to be located on the document translating to coordinates and were told to find the closest town, Summerville, and find the location on the chart and remove the first and replace it with C. It lead to 5112 and after replacement leads to C112, Lanark, where the treasure was.

Lanark $300 godzilltrain, mine_man_, & KittyCat11231
October 9, 2016 Start at the corner where Morningside and Fairfax meet. Then follow these instructions:
  • Head North from Morningside
  • Kalmar, East
  • Spring, South
  • Cytus, West
  • Morningside, U-Turn
  • Spring, South
  • Fairfax, U-Turn
  • Kalmar, East
  • Miningstone, South
  • Cytus, West
  • Wishington, South
  • Fairfax, East
  • Bleakwood, North
  • Kalmar, West
  • Hoopsville, South
  • End at Fairfax
  • Go to the New World town owned by the creator of the contraption near the photo on the wiki page.
  • Enter SONAMU and search inside the main room for a number made out of a wool color and read to that location.
  • Go to #4, double the fifth value, circle
  • 2 Venje Straat
  • The capital one, then turn it upside down.
  • The biggest building.
Information lost... Chuno $300 godzilltrain, Narnia17, _Kastle, & KittyCat11231
March 18, 2017
  • Examples include: "Δ / Hg" "δ / Co" "a triangular tract of sediment deposited at the mouth of a river, typically where it diverges into several outlets. / La" "a region in northern Mississippi that lies between the Yazoo and Mississippi rivers and is known for its cotton and for blues music. / C" (Find all three, one of them may not have all of it).

Other clues, they are shuffled and to be used later (Some are useless):

  • The inverse of that banner
  • 3. orange wool, green wool, light blue stained clay
  • ±Red/Blue/Green/Yellow Y ±Yellow/Blue/Red/Green (New World Only)
  • 5. snow block, orange wool
  • General
  • 1. dirt, light blue stained clay
  • December 13, 2015
  • CBDA: The Great Search - May 23, 2016 (94751)
  • A: ___ world edits, B: breaking ___, C: ____ current, D: ____ was using
  • 4. cyan stained clay, blue wool, pink wool, magenta wool, emerald block
  • Don't actually go to the location specified by the waving object.
  • When you have a city: September 24, 2016 (chart)
  • 6. yellow wool, mossy cobblestone
  • For 1-6, 1st.
  • Under the big tree
  • If at the start, HBL!
  • Two south, four north.
  • 2. orange wool, red wool, green stained clay
  • Pit Stop
  • Town Hall
Information lost... Los Angeles $500 godzilltrain, KittyCat11231, hvt2011, & FredTheTimeLord
December 28, 2018
  • WhatIsMissingGreatSearch.png
  • Go to the third person's town. Don't mind the subtle differences in the image. This clue can be solved without coming in game. The names in the table at the top are not relevant. Ignore that.
  • Then, search the MRT station.

Other clues, they are shuffled and to be used later (Some are useless):

  • Read it from the dynmap orientation
  • Fort Yaxier, Secunda, Matheson, Deadbush
  • 13th place? That's not quite right
  • Look for faux diamonds in each of them
  • Floor 11
  • Y = 69
  • 3rd clue
  • 12:43 p.m.
  • Veni, vidi, vici
  • Add all the X's and Z's SEPARATELY to get new ones
  • Headquarters


Helix Bay ➝ Wishington ➝ Venceslo ➝ Monte Isola ➝ Kessler, Birdhall, San Reinoldi, and Soiled Solitude ➝ Sealane ➝ Covina ➝ Manangatang

Useless clues:

Manangatang $400 AyyLion, Cookie46910, hvt2011, jphgolf4321, KittyCat11231, MC_Protocol, megascatterbomb, & Narnia17

The discoverer of the treasure should immediately inform MinecraftYoshi26 that they discovered the treasure.

Basic Rules:

  • Do not sabotage other players.
  • Do not use staff powers to win the challenge.
  • Be kind to other players.
  • All clues are accessible without breaking blocks or placing blocks, unless stated.
  • You are allowed to use the internet or any other sources.
  • You may team and split the prize if you wish to do so.
  • Do not follow people that are not working with you.
  • You need to complete all the challenges to win.
  • Do not use new uCar teleports.
  • X-ray and hacks are not allowed.